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Meda Coin {Dec 2021} Price, How to Buy? Contract Address

This article discusses the market performance, price predictions, and other details of Meda Coin.

Do you want to play the Medabots video game but are sceptical about whether or not you should buy its in-game cryptocurrency? You have a valid question as the crypto market is volatile, and it’s risky to invest in any currency, especially game and meme ones. So today, we’ll cover all the details about Meda Coin so you can decide whether to invest or not. This video game is gaining popularity in Turkey, Brazil, and the United States, so we shall discuss its overall performance in the market.

What is Medacoin:

Medacoin is a cryptocurrency that is the in-game currency of Medabots. It’s a BNB token that gives players the ability to lead all their in-game virtual goods. Apart from being the native Medabots currency, Medacoin can be used in 5 ways that are:

  • Buy in-game goods and physical Medabots goods.
  • To earn tokens, enter wager matches and join the live tournament.
  • Use Meda Coin to mint 480 different varieties of Medapart NFTs.
  • You can refer the game and currency to friends and earn coins.
  • For all future updates and games, you can use these same Medacoin.

Founder of Medabots:

Medabots is a Canadian-Japanese role-playing video game franchise that was founded by Rin Horuma (Horumarin). However, the current owner is Imagineer Co. Ltd., a Japanese company that works in the content industry that provides content and services related to games, characters, education, and more. The companies who originally developed the game are Natsume, Delta Arts, Jupiter Corporation, and digifloyd.

Market Statistics of Meda Coin:

  • Medacoin’s price today is $0.00076243.
  • The 24-hour trading volume is $2,481,650. 
  • The price has gone up 51% since yesterday!
  • The market cap of Medacoin is unknown.
  • The market dominance is 0.00%, and the market cap rank is inapplicable due to its absent Market cap.
  • The total and maximum supply of Medacoins is 100 billion tokens, but the circulating supply is unknown.
  • The all-time low was $0.00003299, by which it has risen 2174.9%.
  • The all-time high was $0.00090319, by which it has fallen only 16.9%.
  • The fully-diluted valuation of Meda Coin comes up to $75,021,266.
  • The 24- hour low and high is $0.00050380 and $0.00090319.
  • The holders of Medacoin are at 11,116 addresses.
  • There have been a total of 41,033 transfers of this token.

How to buy this token?

  • Download and setup MetaMask or TrustWallet.
  • Buy and send BNB to MetaMask.
  • Go to PancakeSwap and swap BNB for $MEDA.
  • Add $MEDA to your wallet and view it.


Q1. What is the contract address of Medacoin?

Ans 1. 0x9130990dd16ed8be8be63e46cad305c2c339dac9

Q2. Which exchanges can I use for trading Meda Coin?

Ans 2. Pancake Swap is the most active exchange if you want to buy and sell $MEDA.

Q3. How is the performance and price prediction of Medacoin?

Ans 3. Medacoin has performed exceptionally well, increasing 954.8% in price in the last week, 51.0% in 24 hours, and 1.2% in the previous hour. The coin is predicted to have a positive future trend as well.

Final verdict:

In conclusion, Medabots is gaining popularity worldwide, and Medacoin’s price has been surging since its release. So in the short term, you can invest and gain profit from Meda Coin, but you should take a professional’s advice first. Check How to Buy cryptocurrency (2021) A Perfect Guide before you buy. 

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Also, click here to check out the Medabots website. 

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