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Mbox Coin Nedir (Aug) Coin Price, Chart, Prediction

Here in this article, we will read about a Mbox Coin Nedir and the details related to its price and market statistics!

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies getting famous in countries like Turkey and all around the world. There are various cryptocurrencies like Mbox Coin Nedir in which people are investing for a good profit and better investment option.

These cryptocurrencies are already very famous because of the good profits they give in return. Hence, people want to invest in these coins, but before investing in this coin, investors should know every detail about this coin. So read this article till the end to have complete information.

What is Mbox Coin?

Many online entertainment platforms are creating and launching their cryptocurrencies, and many of these online entertainment platforms have adopted gamification techniques. Now before reading in detail about Mbox Coin Nedir, let us collect some more information about Mbox.

MBOX is a community-driven platform that empowers the users by giving them various rewards for fun and their participation in the game. It uses various innovative Tokenomics, games and finance leveraging. The win ecosystem is driving this platform for endless and truly unique free play. The team of this online entertainment platform has a spirit of decentralization with all its members worldwide. Now after reading about this online platform, let us read about its coin.

Live Price Data Of Mbox Coin Nedir:

The live price of the MBOX coin as of today is around 0.127742 try, and the twenty-four hours trading volume of the MBOX coin is around 28,105,582 try, and there has been an increase in the percentage of MBOX in the last twenty-four hours, and its current market cap rank is #273, with a market cap of around 4,739,927 try. And it has a total circulating supply of 37,105,468 MBOX coins. So after going through the live price data, let us go through the price chart and market statistics of MBOX.

Price Chart of MBOX coin:

  • Price of Mbox Coin Nedir– 0.127742 try
  • Value of MBOX- 38.60 try
  • Price change in 24 hours- 8.34 try
  • MBOX price in 24hour low and 24hour high- 28.11 and 49.45 try
  • Transaction volume of MBOX- 8,493,140,609.35
  • Volume and market cap of MBOX- 5.93
  • Market domination of MBOX- 0.01 per cent
  • My market rating of MBOX- #273
  • Market value of MBOX coin- 1,432,344,043.28 try
  • Fully diluted market value of MBOX coin- 38,601,966,412.62 try

These were the critical information related to this coin. Now after knowing all these points, let us learn how to purchase an MBOX coin.

How To Purchase MBOX coin?

Here we have listed all the necessary step which required to but Mbox Coin Nedir.

Step 1- register your account on a fiat currency to crypto exchange.

Step 2- buy some BTC by using fiat money.

Step 3- transfer your BTC into the exchange of Altcoin

Step 4- deposit your BTC to the exchange.

Step 5- trade the MBOX coin.

Then lastly, store all your MBOX coins in your wallet.


Q1) what is the current price of the MBOX coin?

Answer) currently, the price of this coin is around 0.127742 try

Q2) what is the market cap rank of the MBOX coin?

Answer) the market cap rank of the coin is #273


Here in this article, we learnt all the details related to the Mbox Coin Nedir. We have covered all possible details that a buyer should know before purchasing this native utility token, so read the whole article to grasp this coin better.

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