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Marcos Highway Photos Reddit: Honda Civic Accident Victims Exclusive Report!

Today’s post on Marcos Highway Photos Reddit shares about the Honda Civic Accident to inform if the Victims survived.

Was speed the reason for an accident on Marcos Highway? A car crash recently at Marcos Highway has made authorities alert about practicing road safety to the citizens of the Philippines and other neighboring areas. 

People from the Filipino region are looking for the fatalities in the Antipolo city accident. Let us check the reason behind the accident and what is shown in Marcos Highway Photos Reddit.

Marcos Highway Photos Reddit:

Many photos of an accident on Antopolo City’s Marcos Highway are posted on Reddit and other platforms. The pictures are circulated with queries about the fatalities and if modern technology could save the riders and those sitting in the car.

The pictures shared show the car crashed entirely in a huge truck and can be seen in deteriorated condition. These Marcos Highway Photos Reddit also raised concerns about the drastic accident’s reason. People also discussed that the truck stopped suddenly, resulting in the car crashing at its back.

Was it a Honda Civic Accident Marcos Highway?

Many photos shared on Reddit and other social media sites show that a Honda Civic car recently slammed a vast cargo truck at Marcos Highway. The sources reported Glen Gumban was driving the truck at Marcos Highway on November 6, 2023, at around 03:00 a.m.

The Honda Civic car hit the truck at its back when it was riding in front of Antipolo City’s Barangay Mayamot gasoline station. Metro Manila Development Authority indicated that this car slamming occurred at Marcos Highway’s approaching road to APT Studio’s westbound side. 

Who were the Marcos Highway Accident Victims?

Specific online sources indicate that the four males in the Honda Civic car that crashed in the huge truck were killed on the spot. The authorities also shared that the car was at high speed and lost control before slamming into the cargo truck’s back.

Col. Ryan Manongdo, the Police chief Lieutenant of Antipolo City, identified the victims in the highway accident. The below mentioned are the victims, along with their age, who died in the Marcos Highway car accident.

  • Lawrence Ivan Jose- 21 years
  • Kidrock John Magsino- 21 years
  • Ireneo Balmonte- 22 years
  • Juanito Magsino- 22 years

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What was the reason for the accident at Marcos Highway?

Many reports indicate that the Honda Civic Accident Marcos Highway was because of an engine problem developed in the car when Magsino Juanito was behind its wheels. The officials also mentioned people in the car suffered fatal injuries on their bodies and heads.

Footage shared online featured the speeding car slamming the truck while smoke was coming out before slamming. The car collided with Isuzu Wingvan Truck’s rear, which caused the deadly accident at Marcos Highway.

Are officials investigating the accident?

Law enforcement officials are investigating the car crash case to identify if the Marcos Highway Accident Victims were high or under the influence of substance abuse.

The accident has made people discuss its reasons on Reddit and other networks. They also suggested people drive carefully and take lessons from the incident.

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Many photographs of Marcos Highway were shared on Reddit after a fatal car-slamming incident. The four youngsters in the Honda Civic car were killed in the accident, after which people shared many Marcos Highway Photos Reddit. 

Did you see a car-slamming accident on Marcos Highway? Share if you wish to spread awareness about riding slowly and carefully.

Disclaimer: We share facts about worldwide incidents and accidents rather than commercializing them.

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