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Marcelle Decothe Instagram: Who Is Da Silva And Why Is She Trending On Twitter?

The article explains the Marcelle Decothe Da Silva news, which is trending on Marcelle Decothe Instagram and Twitter, along with latest updates.

Are you a person who believes in equality, and do you accept that nowadays, the government is making efforts to make that happen? Then, have you heard of the Marcelle Decothe Instagram news, where a government official from the Equality Ministry made a racist comment?

The caption by Marcelle from Brazil has shocked everyone. What is the trending news all about? Let us dive into the article to learn more about the real issue that is buzzing everywhere.

Why is Marcelle Decothe Instagram trending?

Marcelle is a government strategic advisor who works under the Ministry of Racial Equality in Brazil. Last Sunday, September 24, 2023, she went to the finals of the Copa do Brasil, which was between São Paulo and Flamengo at Morumbi stadium.

During the match, she posted a football match photo on her Instagram account, stating, “A white cheerleader with no singing ability and European ancestry. Most detrimental” by targeting the Sao Paulo fans, so the Instagram story invited lots of criticism from all over the world.

Marcelle Decothe Twitter

Marcelle’s post was screenshot and shared over the Twitter account as well; she shared the most extreme comment over the Sao Paulo fans. Her activity angered all the Sao Paulo fans, and the highlight feature that triggered the people was that Marcelle is working under the Ministry of Racial Equality as a strategic advisor. However, she did not align herself with the motives of the ministry, so she created a black mark for the whole ministry.

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Who is Marcelle Decothe Da Silva?

Da Silva is the surname of Marcelle Decothe. She is a federal university graduate who did her master’s in the human rights stream. Then Marcelle got a government job as a parliamentary aide, and she got promoted to be a strategic advisor to the minister of racial equality, Anielle. She is a very talented and ambitious person who has excelled in her jobs all these years. 

But everything was in vain because of her Marcelle Decothe Twitter trending news. Because even her ministry couldn’t tolerate her racist behavior, since her caption grasped global attention, the officials removed her from the job.

What happened to Marcelle Decothe now?

Marcelle made a blunder mistake by posting a racist comment on her Instagram stories, mocking the fans of Sao Paulo. Her post has reached the president of São Paulo Futebol Clube, Julio Casares, and he shared his disappointment with her.

In this way, Marcelle Decothe Da Silva‘s racist activity reached a global audience, and presently, she has been dismissed from her ministry. The minister, Anielle, has publicly apologized to all the Sao Paulo fans on behalf of Marcelle since she works under her ministry.

Is the Instagram caption still available?

No, Marcelle Decothe has deleted her Instagram account and it was an Instagram story so that it would disappear naturally after 24 hours. That post is not available, but some of the people screen-shot it, and that picture is going viral on many news channels in Brazil.

Social media accounts

Instagram: Page isn’t available now 

Twitter: Marcelle #CPXLula on X: “Ninguém aguenta mais 🤡” / X (


Marcelle Decothe Instagram story can still be viewed on many online websites. But it is really saddening to see a government official be a typical racist. Even though she apologized for her deeds, her activity shed light on the racist mindset of the people. The positive outcome is that the Brazilian government resolved itself to establish more equality in football games.

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What do you think about Marcelle’s act? Comment on it.

Disclaimer: This article contains some racist statements, but our website doesn’t promote any form of racist behaviour.

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