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Manchester City Token Yorum (Aug) Prediction and Price!

Get a complete note on Manchester City Token Yorum crypto coin in this post. Read how one can acquire this coin and other related updates of the CITY coin.

Are you a crypto freak? If yes, you must be well known with the digital token, which permits city fans to get the tokenized Share in the club decision.

This token usually has its investors across Turkey; the Coin is recognized as Manchester City Token Yorum. Our main aim in writing this post is to provide you with insight about this particular CITY Coin.

So, the entire note that we are uncovering below will let investors and anyone else be familiar to the Crypto token CITY. 

What Is Manchester City Token?

The Manchester City Coin is made for the CITY fans who want to have the influenced tokenized Share on the club decision. This can be acquired through a consumer-facing site named socios.com. 

Here the fans get engaged in multiple numbers of club decisions, deciding bus design team, choosing the song of goal celebration, earn money and rewards. Manchester City Token Yorum is listed on the top exchange platform for trading. Currently, it’s listed on Chiliz and Paribu.

Founders Of Manchester City Coin

Well, now the question arises who launched this Manchester City Coin? While we were researching this, we could find that socios.com and City is said as the launcher of the Manchester fan city Coin.

The discovery of Manchester Coin has created a new layer in digital engagement to the city fans of Manchester City, which allows users to bring more closer to the club.

Manchester City Token Yorum Price Statistics

  • Manchester Token City Fan worth: $27.48
  • Twenty-four hours price change: $2.85
  • Twenty-four hours high: $30.54
  • Twenty-four hours low: $22.76
  • Market Capital/ Vol: 2.17
  • Market dominance: 0.00%
  • Market rank: #448
  • Fully diluted market cap: $542,506,906.530
  • Market Capital: $72,641,783.29

Live Price Data Of Manchester City Coin

The live worth as of today, the Manchester City Token Price is USD 27.13. The trading volume for twenty-four hours is USD 157,614,583.

The coin have been up in previous twenty-four hour by 19.08%. The live rank by the Coin market cap of City Coin is #448.

Price Predictions Of Manchester City Crypto Coin 

Manchester City Token Yorum Price Predictions is predicted up to dollar $126.38

  • 2021: USD 40.93
  • 2022: USD 50.31
  • 2023: USD 61.06
  • 2024: USD 69.18
  • 2025: USD 80.68
  • 2026: USD 94.86 
  • 2027: USD 106.53
  • 2028: USD 126.38

Supply Information Of City Coin 

  • Current circulating supply: 2,678,004.00 CITY
  • Maximum supply: 20,000,000
  • Total supply: 20,000,000 

How To Get Manchester City Token?

Guides for buying Manchester City Coin. Read below.

  1. Go to the Binance website and create an account there and fill in the trading details. 
  2. Buy your first Ethereum or Bitcoin Crypto coin to buy Manchester City Token Yorum Transfer the coins to the exchange Huobi. 
  3. Deposit Bitcoin to the exchange 
  4. Now trade Manchester City Coin. 

Before purchasing, go through the basic details of each step

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What’s the common term used to recognize Manchester City Token?

Ans. CITY Coin

  1. Who launched Manchester City Fan Coin?

Ans. Socios.com and City 

  1. What’s the rate of this token today?

Ans. $26.95

  1. Name the top exchange site where this crypto coin is trading currently.

Ans. Chiliz and Paribu is currently trading this coin.


Manchester City Token Yorum is designed particularly for City fans who love to have share of its own in football club decisions.

Every knowledge about City Coin is penned down up. Best Cryptocurrency To Invest in 2021 for the long term.

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