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Maia Arson Crime: Want To Get Crimew Blog Details & Facts? Fetch From Here!

The article describes the primary and essential information about Maia Arson Crime and her recent whereabouts.

Do you know about Maia Arson Crimew? A Swiss developer by profession and an information technology professional. Maia is also famous for her blogs. But many people also are interested in her crimes. Many people in the United States want to know the truth.

The article is going to discuss and offer details about Maia Arson Crime. Read the article, and you can understand the whole matter.


Disclaimer: we are not supporting any wrongdoing. We are providing details only for educational purposes.

Briefing AboutThe Crime!

According to the resources, Maia Arson is convicted of criminal charges for hacking. Maia was alleged of hacking charges in between 2019 to 2021. For this reason, between these years, Swiss police raided her and her parents.

After this raid, the Swiss police authority requested the US authorities to seize the devices of Maia. But millions of people supported her on social media.

Maia Arson Crime Blog

Many people are talking about the blogs of Maia Arson. There is a website available on the internet. The name of the website is On this website, there are a few blogs available. The subject of the blog is technical. You can easily read these blogs by logging in to the website. 

In these blogs, the article describes the critical life story of Arson. The blogs also represent the hacking activity of Arson. You can also check and read these blogs and get some idea about her. 

Maia Arson Crime Name Confusion? 

It is; actually, many people don’t know the correct spelling of Maia. Her last name is “Crimew”, not Crime. But many people use the “Crime” spelling.

It is also true; Maia Arson is not her actual name. Her real name was Tillie Kottmann. But later, she changed her name to Maia Arson Crimew. Maia was born in the Lucerne district. It is a German-speaking area of Switzerland. She is also famous as a founding developer of Android Launcher. But due to the spelling of the name, she is trending on the internet.

Wiki Report about Maia Arson Crime Blog

  • Full Name/ Real Name- Maia Arson Crime
  • Earlier Name- Tillie Kottmann 
  • Profession- Software Developer 
  • Date of Birth- 7 August 1999
  • Place of Birth- Lucene
  • Marital Status- Unknown 
  • Partner’s Name- Unknown 
  • Zodiac sign- not known.
  • Nationality- Swiss Citizen.
  • Marital Status: no details available.

The Website of Maia

Maia Arson Crimew has her own website. For educational purposes, you need to know about the website. The colour of the website is pink. And while you check, you will find some interesting facts about the website.

If you check the home section of the website, you will find a brief introduction about Maia. 

In the introduction section, Arson discloses her gender specification. If you check the Maia Arson Crimew Blog section, you can find two blogs in this section. The blog was published on 19 January 2023. It is a simple website, and we need more exciting facts. 

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Recently, the US Justice Department announced they will be carrying the Maia Arson case. On the other hand, Maia has enormous public support from the general people and fans on the internet.

What are your thoughts on this case? Please comment.

Maia Arson Crime- FAQ

a) Maia holds which membership?

She is a member of the “Young Socialists Switzerland”.

b) Is there any information about her family?

There is no information about her family members.

c) Which concept is opposed by the Maia?

She opposes the concept of Intellectual Property rights as well.

d) Is Maia a communist?

Maia is anti-capitalist and socialist. 

e) What is Maia’s belief?

Maia dedicatedly believes that capitalism is destroying all the innovation and creativity in the world.

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