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Lozada Evelyn Engaged: Is Her Boyfriend Will Soon Be Her Husband? Who Is Her Fiance? When She Be Married? Find Birthday & Instagram Updates Now!

This post is about Lozada Evelyn Engaged to notify visitors about a star’s relationship and how surprising her marriage proposal was.

Is Lozada in a relationship? Is Lozada engaged to her Queens Cout finalist? Fans of Lozada Evelyn from the United States and other places are excited to hear about the engagement of their favourite celebrity. The television personality announced her engagement in December 2022 after meeting her fiance on the newest Peacock dating program.

Let us read about the relationship of Lozada with Lewis and facts about Lozada Evelyn Engaged in this post.



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Is Lozada in a relationship?

The 47-year-old former Basketball Wives star she encountered on Queens Court of Peacock has tied the engagement ring to Lavon Lewis. In December, at a modest celebration in Los Angeles with relatives and close friends, Lewis (Fiance of Lozada Evelyn), 42, proposed to Lozada.

What did Lewis tell about her?

According to the marketing company’s co-founder, Evelyn Lozada is difficult to startle, and they advised her to get ready because they were leaving. Until she reached the front entrance, she was wearing blindfolded eyes. She entered around twenty family members, close friends, and roses, large “marry me” notes scattered across the floor, and other such things.

The request also included a personalized cake adorned with butterflies mentioning ‘Yes’ on one side and ‘Happy Birthday’ on the other.

When did Lozada meet her Boyfriend?

At the Peacock performance, Evelyn and the businessman got to know one another. Audiences may follow their first voyage on the network’s Queen’s Court, which debuted on March 16, 2023.

Although Lewis and Lozada had previously discussed getting wedded, Lozada, who had a brief marriage to “OchoCino” Johnson, the NFL star Chad, in 2012, wasn’t prepared for the wedding proposal. Only two of Lewis’ acquaintances and Lozada’s manager knew his plans to propose at the appropriate time.

Did Lozada know about the proposal?

Lozada admits that she had no idea that Lewis would propose to her. He mentioned being honest, and she was slightly upset or irritated by his cunning behavior. Since she was an alpha woman, she wondered why she had to get ready. 

Besides, she wondered why she was required to do that. It was challenging for her to allow Lewis for Lozada Evelyn Engaged.

What was Lozada’s statement about the engagement ring?

Lozada admired Lewis’ choice of a Twila True ring regardless of wishing to be informed. Evelyn Lozada, who collaborated with her product line of BX Glow jewelry with Twila True, stated that her engagement ring was in the right shape and size. 

She added that Lewis did an excellent job because she didn’t have that stone. Besides, she was not shocked, though. Lavon has an innovative intellect and remembers everything.

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Lozada Evelyn, who got engaged to Lewis, was in the limelight. The wedding proposal was shocking for her, and she wasn’t aware of that. Although she was excited about the engagement, she was a bit irritated. You can watch Lozada Evelyn’s additional facts here.

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Lozada Evelyn Engaged: FAQs

Q1. Who is Lozada Evelyn?

Evelyn Lozada is a “Basketball Wives” star.

Q2. Whom did Lozada engaged to?


Q3. Is Lozada Already Married?


Q4. Who were Lozada Evelyn’s partners?

Carl Crawford (from 2013 to 2017) and Antoine Walker (from 1998 to 2008)

Q5. How many children does Lozada Evelyn have?

Lozada Evelyn has two children.

Q6. What is Lozada Evelyn’s profession?

Lozada Evelyn is a spokesmodel, model, and television personality.

Q7. Who was Evelyn Lozada’s previous Husband?

Chad Johnson 

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