Louvre Finance Binance {June} A Defi Crypto Token! 2021.

Louvre Finance Binance {June} A Defi Crypto Token!

Louvre Finance Binance {June} A Defi Crypto Token!>> Are you searching for the details of a De-fi token? Then read the article here.

Recently the crypto world is introducing new currencies, and most investors are looking for its details. So, today’s content is here to introduce you to Louvre Finance Crypto media.

People in Brazil show a keen interest in purchasing crypto coins. But making yourself aware of the token’s rank, value, price, supply and many other features is crucial for all the token holders.

By going through the article till the end, you will be well-known with all the necessary points of Louvre Finance Binance. Stay tuned.

What is Louvre Finance?

Louvre Finance is the recently added crypto token in the Binance. The first token launched to disrupt the NFT and build an ecosystem with the help of exchanges and a marketplace that offers exclusive projects related to NFT. 

The currency of the token is $ Louvre. The token holders will be offered rewards for purchasing the coin and using the platform. Isn’t it interesting? The token is based on the De-Fi network and challenges the NFT. If you are curious to get well-known with more details about Louvre Finance Binance, then keep reading.

The 5% of every transaction will be given to the holders, and the remaining 5% will be used up in supply and burning. Some amount is secured as liquidity, so the chances of gaining profits from the token is more.

Who are the founders of the token? 

Most of the investors are curious to know about the token’s core team members, but no details about the CEO and founder are available on the web.

Louvre Finance has launched the token, and more than a thousand investors are holders of the token.

Louvre Finance Binance – Price Chart

  • Price of the token – $0.000000019409
  • Market cap value – not available
  • Trading value – $2296317
  • All-time high – $0.000000029320
  • All-time low – $ 0.000000015832
  • Market Rank – Not available
  • Market dominance – 0.00%
  • 24h low/24h high – $0.000000017338/ $0.000000028614
  • 7d low/ 7d high- $0.000000024142/ $0.000000024142

Louvre Finance Live Price and Market Data

The current price of the token is $ 0.000000019545, and its value has been the downfall to -15.6% in the 24 hours. The circulating supply of the token is 0, whereas the maximum supply is one quadrillion.

In case you are interested in purchasing the token, then let’s have a look at the necessary steps to be followed.

How to buy the token?

Louvre Finance Binance can be purchased from the Pancakeswap within few steps.

  • The presence of a wallet is necessary for smooth transactions. So, firstly you have to download Trust wallet. It is a secured app and is commonly used in De-fi.
  • To add some funds to your wallet, you have to either purchase BSC or BNB. Both these tokens are valid in the BSC network.
  • Move to the DApps and search for Pancakeswap. This application will allow you to swap the tokens.
  • Now turn the slippage to 12%. Select your currency as Louvre and put down the contract address. 

Hence, the token will be added to your Trust wallet. You can take the details in cryptocurrency apps

What makes the token unique?

  • The Louvre Finance Binance is secured by whale protection. According to it, no wallet can put more than one percent of supply.
  • The interactive team member aims to create a transparent relation with the holders 
  • The liquidity of the crypto coin is locked up to 5%.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to access the official portal of the token?


  • Is Louvre Finance is active on social media?

Yes, the token is available on the social media apps like Twitter, Telegram and Reddit.


The bottom line of the content is that purchasing Louvre Finance Binance will be a good investment. However, if you want to know more details about the supply, transfers and holders of the token, visit the link.

Are you interested in adding this token to your wallet? Please share your answers in the comment box.

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