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Louisville Shooting Livestreamed Reddit: What Is Present In The Live Video For Bank Incident? Check Livestream Link Now!

The article highlights all the points related to the Louisville Shooting Livestreamed Reddit video and the people’s reactions to the video.

Have you come across the recent shooting video on online platforms? Have you heard the news of the mass shooting in Kentucky? People from the United States are looking for the complete video, which is believed to be live streamed by the shooter, Connor Sturgeon, himself.

In this article, we will see whether the Louisville Shooting Livestreamed Reddit video is available online or not.


Disclaimer- We do not intend to harm people’s dignity and self-respect. The news provided here is extracted from authentic online sources and used only for informative purposes.

Is the shooting video available on Reddit?

People are looking for the live-streamed video the shooter filmed while killing the people. The footage went viral on Reddit, but now, even on searching the platform, the video is not available on the channel.

It seems it has been taken down from the internet due to the extreme content in the footage. 

Louisville Shooting Live streaming

The shooter, Connor Sturgeon, live streamed the complete mass killing video in his bank. The attack took place on Monday at 8:30 a.m. before the bank was open to the public, and the employees met virtually with the manager.

The manager is disturbed to a huge extent, and she said she has virtually witnessed her employees being killed. Earlier, the shooter left a note saying he had planned to kill his employees as he was mentally disturbed.

Is the Louisville Shooting Livestream Video Reddit available?

The live-stream video is unavailable on any platform as it violates social media regulations. Experts suggest that there should be more steps to stop the spread of this violent incident, and users expressed their views that proper precautions must be taken before sharing such sensitive content online.

The entire footage has passed discussions among people and questioned the technology, the prevalence of social media, and how people can work together to build a safer online community.

Details of Reddit Louisville Bank Shooting

After this spread of the video on social media platforms, people have held various discussions and debates on violence and mental health issues. Some people have expressed their condolences for this unforeseen tragedy, while others emphasized making stricter laws for holding guns.

People’s Reaction to the Shooting Video Reddit 

After the video was live-streamed online and people started sharing it on other channels, some questions led to rays and effective awareness about the importance of social media and how it can also serve as a ground for false information and the spread of violent content.

People are demanding more strict laws that can stop people from sharing violent content online.

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The live stream video sparked many debates after being shared on Reddit. People are furious, even though the video has been removed from the platform. ()

What are your thoughts on the video? Comment below.

Louisville Shooting Livestreamed Reddit: FAQs

Q1. Who was the shooter in the killing?

Connor Sturgeon.

Q2. What was his profession?

He worked in the Old National Bank.

Q3. How many people were killed in the incident?

A total of five people were killed, and 8 people were injured.

Q4. Is it important to address gun violence?


Q5. Why did the shooter record and live stream the video?

The exact reason is unknown, but people speculate that he must be craving attention.

Q6. What are the methods to keep mental health issues in check?

By increasing mental health awareness programs.

Q7. Are there any details of the shooter’s family?

We only know of his mother and his brother.

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