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Loklok com Version Update {Nov 2022} Read To Know More!

This post on Loklok com Version Update will provide complete information about the Loklok app’s latest updates and features.  

Are you aware of the latest update of the Loklok app? What are its latest features? Loklok app is a movie and serial streaming app available for its users in different genres or categories. This app is gaining popularity in the Philippines and many other regions. If you want to know about its latest updates and other related stuff, continue reading this post on Loklok com Version Update. So let’s begin.

Loklok Updated Version 

  • Loklok, a movie streamer, is available on google playstore and the app store. You can watch T.V. serials and movies from Japan, China, South Korea, the United States, Thailand, and other regions. 
  • The latest version 1.10.1, was available for users on 11 July 2022 by Lok studio. The required O.S. is 5.0 and above.
  • The app download size is 54.48 MB; moreover, 500,000+ users have already downloaded the Loklok app.

Please read further to know the latest features of the Loklok movie streaming app.

How to Update Loklok App?

  • The Loklok app is available on the app store and google play store. Go to this platform, search it in the search option, and download it.
  • There are possibilities that if you are from India or other regions, then it is not possible to download the Loklok app from google playstore in your country.
  • We want to inform the readers that there is another option to download Loklok app through Loklok APK. But it is technically illegal, so be aware of it.

  Please check out the updated version and latest features of the Loklok app.

   Loklok com Version Update and Latest Features

  • Loklok app features movies, tv-series, and anime from America, Korea, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, and other regions. 
  • The positive thing is that the Loklok app is available with subtitles. Hence, viewers do not have to worry about the language and can watch their favourite movies or animes without barriers.
  • Different genres or categories like horror, documentary, sci-fi, comedy, adventure, drama, and many more are available to entertain users.

Are you interested to know more features and updates of the Loklok app then, please continue reading  Loklok com Version Update

  • Users can watch numerous animes and movies with high-quality streaming services.
  • Viewers can download their favourite movie or anime to watch it offline.
  • Loklok app users can customize the app according to their needs and requirement. 
  • People can join the user-friendly Community to share or discuss recent popular trending movies, tv-series or anime. 


We have informed our readers about the latest version of the Loklok app; moreover, this app has an 86% trust score, according to some authentic sites, which means it is legit. If you want more details about anime, check this link:

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  1. Loklok app features movies, tv-series, and anime from America, Korea, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, and other regions.

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