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[Update] Lecroy Chandler Crash: Check Where Chandler Lecroy Crash Occurred, Also Explore Full Details On Lecroy Chandler Obituary, Family, And Facebook Account

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Do you know about the Lecroy accident? Do you know the whole story? Chandler and one other person have lost their lives in a fatal crash last month. The news has spread in various parts of the United States. The news has again come to limelight after the recent data about the accident is released. Lecroy Chandler Crash has come up once again in the news with some latest updates.

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Lecroy Chandler in a car crash

Lecroy Chandler was a recruiting staffer who died on 15 February in a fatal car crash. As per sources, Lecroy is again in the news as some toxicology reports about her are released. The reports state that the driver of Ford, Lecroy Chandler had liquor concentration in her blood. As per the reports, Lecroy was involved in car racing with Jalen Carter. The two were changing lanes and were driving on the opposite side which led to the crash.

Lecroy Chandler Toxicology reports

Recently, the toxicology reports of Lecroy Chandler have been released. Along with her, an offensive lineman, Devin Willock of the University of Georgia had also died. The toxicology reports of Lecroy Chandler released show liquor concentration in her blood.

 As per sources, the percentage of liquor in blood was .197 during the crash. The legal liquor limit is 0.08 percent in Georgia. The news of the Lecroy Chandler car crash is spread on various platforms such as Facebook. Some other people with Lecroy Chandler also got injured in the car accident. 

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Obituary of Lecroy Chandler

The funeral service of Lecroy Chandler took place on 18 February 2023. Lecroy Chandler passed away on 15 February and the funeral service was held after two days after her death. The time for the funeral was 3:00 pm. The Reverend David Ritcey, Chaplain Thomas, and The Reverend Brett Sanders had settled the funeral. Lecroy Chandler Obituary was held at Toccoa First Baptist Church.

How Did Lecroy Chandler die?

Lecroy Chandler along with Devin Willock passed away last month. As per the reports, Lecroy and Devin are racing. The two were crossing the lane in opposite direction. The speed of Lecroy’s car was 104 miles per hour. Due to the car crash, Lecroy Chandler and Devin passed away. Barnett Shoals Road is the place Where Chandler Lecroy crash occurred. Lecroy Chandler who died in a fatal car crash was 24 years old. 

As pewr sources, there were also other members in the car but they got injured and are safe. Jalen Carter has received an arrest warrant due to their involvement in a fatal car crash with allegations of racing and reckless driving. Lecroy died from a fatal crash. She was grown up with her Family in Toccoa.

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Lecroy Chandler Wiki: Frequently asked questions

Q1. Who was Lecroy Chandler?

Ans. Lecroy Chandler was the recruiting staffer who died in a car crash on 15 January 2023.

Q1. +How did Lecroy Chandler die?

Ans. Lecroy Chandler passed away after she met in a car crash. She was racing with someone and both the car crashed which led to her death.

Q1. Who is the Husband of Lecroy Chandler?

Ans. There are no reports of Lecroy Chandler’s marriage.

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