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Lashawn Thompson Autopsy: How Did Thompson Die? Explore The Details On Pictures Of Cell, And Fulton County Jail

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How Did Thompson Die?

Lawshawn Thompson, a jail inmate, died as he was eaten alive by the bug. The attorney has claimed that Thompson was kept in a dirty cell, bringing danger to his life. He was found dead in jail on September 13, 2022. The family has claimed an investigation into his death. The attorney, Michael D. Harper, stated that Thompson was held in custody for simple misdemeanor battery. He was arrested in June, and since then, he has been in custody. His death also went viral on Reddit.

How Was the Cell?

Per various reports, Thompson’s cell was not suitable to live in. He was kept in a very bad condition. It was filled with bugs and insects. The cell was also filled with dust. Over 35 years old, Thompson also had a cerebral issue. Even some photographs were also taken of the cell where Thompson was kept. These photographs revealed the true environment of the cell, which was very disturbing. Thompson’s body was also found in a very filthy state. The family members of Thompson are demanding justice from the court. 


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What was Visible in the Pictures?

As per sources, the images of the cell were proof that Thompson was kept in a filthy cell. His cell was filled with debris and dirt. The attorney said that Thomson never deserved such a cell where an animal cannot stay. The family members have also claimed justice against the consequences of Thompson. People are also feeling disturbed by seeing the images of the cell. Since the images of the cell have been made viral, people are also discussing the cell. Some people have criticized the reckless behaviour of the jail authorities. They have also stated that every jail cell should be suitable for its inmates. Fulton County jail has been trending after the death of Thompson. He was in the same jail and died due to bad conditions.

The Reaction of the Family Members

The death of Thomson saddens the family members. His brother expressed grief after knowing the situation Thompson had to live in. It broke the hearts of everyone. Family members are also enraged by the situation. The brother was shocked to see the images of the cell where Thompson was kept. After spreading the death news, the Sheriff’s office revealed that an investigation was launched. The Body of Thompson was sent for autopsy. The department also sanctioned an amount of $500,000 to clean the jail. The authorities have emphasized removing the bugs and insects. Thompson had to suffer agony only within three months after his arrest. People criticize that the authority only took the necessary steps after his death.

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Thompson’s death has revealed the filthy condition of the jail. The images of the jail were also viral on various social media platforms. However, the jail authorities sanctioned money to clean the jail only after the death of Thompson. To know more, please visit the link

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Details On Jail Photos-FAQs

Q1. How old was Thompson?


Q2. When was he arrested?

On June 12, 2022.

Q3. When did Thompson die?

September 13, 2022.

Q4. What crime did he commit?


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