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Kenneka Jenkins Body Photos: What happened To Her? Details On crime scene pictures, party video

Check Kenneka Jenkins Body Photos of the crime scene, pictures and video of the party, and what happened to her.

Are you aware of the recent settlement in Kenneka Jenkin’s case? This mysterious case and speculation surrounding her death were discussed in the United States for years. But now the family do not want much publicity surrounding the case. Let us see what the recent news in the post- Kenneka Jenkins Body Photos.

Kenneka Jenkins Body Photos- Recent news updates:

As per a recent report, the family of Kenneka Jenkins, who died at the age of 19 years in 2017, settled. Kenneka’s mother, Teresa, reached an agreement, according to reports, in which she will receive a large share of the money. Her attorney, however, stated that the terms would be kept confidential. It has been done keeping the previous publicity in the case in mind. Apart from mother Tereasa, two other relatives will also receive the settlement amount, according to the news reports.

This news reports of the settlement of kenneka jenkins what happened are coming after six years of the death. 

What happened with Kenneka Jenkins?

What happened with Kenneka Jenkins

It was 8 September 2017 when she left her home and went to the Crowne Plaza Chicago-O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont, Ill, with her friends to party late at night. 8 September was the last day when her mother and her friends saw her for the last time. On 10 September 2017, 19-year-old Kenneka’s body was found inside a latched freezer in the Crowne commercial kitchen space.

The viral kenneka jenkins party video:

The viral kenneka jenkins party video

After the news of the death of Kenneka, the party videos of her friends are shared widely on social media. From the party video and other footage, people started connecting the dots to solve the mystery surrounding the death. 

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Police Investigation and kenneka jenkins crime scene pictures:

Police Investigation and kenneka jenkins crime scene pictures

After all investigation, Rosemont police announced that they had concluded the investigation into Kenneka Jenkins’ death as accidental, as no evidence indicates any other conclusion.

Lawyers for Jenkins’ mother, on the other hand, claim that graphic crime scene pictures after they discovered the body suggest a different story.

Rosemont officials posted dozens of postmortem kenneka jenkins crime scene pictures while her body was still in the hotel freezer. The graphic representation of her body was disturbing and showed the exposed portion. According to police reports, her face was down, her left arm was below, and her shoes were off with a cut on her right foot. She still had jeans and a jacket, as seen in the surveillance footage video before her death.

Medical Reports after kenneka jenkins what happened:

Jenkins’ death was ruled accidental in the medical examiner’s report. The presence of toxic substances and topiramate in her system was thought to have accelerated the effects of hypothermia caused by Jenkins’s prolonged stay in the freezer.

In 2018, the family filed a $50 million lawsuit for her daughter’s death.

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It has been six years since the Kenneka Jenkins case. The kenneka jenkins party videofriend’s speculation, hotel negligence, video tampering to cover up the case, and settlement of this case are highlighted. You can check the Raw video of Kenneka Jenkins here.

What is your opinion on the Kenneka Jenkins case? Do comment.

Disclaimer: The video and image footage in Kenneka Jenkins case are disturbing, and we are providing recent updates on this case.

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