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Justin Roiland Domestic Abuse Reddit: Who Is His Wife? How Much He Owns Net Worth? Has The Charges Against Him Made By His Girlfriends? Find Reality Here!

The article describes Justin Roiland Domestic Abuse Reddit’s main points and vital information about Roiland.

Do you know Justin Roiland, the co-creator of the famous animated comedy series Rick and Morty? Roiland is accused of a domestic violence case in Orange County, California. Recently, Justin Roiland appeared in court for the pre-trial hearing.

The news is circulated in the United States, and soon on the internet, the search for Justin Roiland is trending. The report is also shared on social media, so we must discuss Justin Roiland Domestic Abuse Reddit.

Disclaimer- We are against this kind of incident. But we are doing this for news purposes by taking help from various media sources. 

What Details Are Present On Reddit? 

The news is trending on social media platforms. On Reddit, the information was uploaded just seven hours ago. But now the news has been removed and the post contains only headlines. 

In the Reddit post, it was also mentioned that the moderator of the news has removed this post. For validating the news, you can check the below shared screenshot.  

Justin Roiland Wife

As per the sources and research Justin Roiland is still single. Therefore, there is no question about his wife. Beside this you can also check the other information on Justin. 

  • Full Name/Real Name-Mark Justin Roiland
  • Profession- Writer, voice-over artist, director and producer. 
  • Marital Status- Unmarried 
  • Nationality- American

Justin Roiland Net Worth

Justin is a very famous personality. He is a professional voice-over artist and creator of his favourite animated series. As per the financial report, Justin’s net worth is nearly two million USD. Justin is also associated with various projects and he earns much from these projects. 

Are there any charges against Justin?

  • In August 2020, Justin Roiland Charges were found against domestic violence. In this case, he was arrested and later released on the bond sign. The first hearing is scheduled on 27 April 2023. 
  • Besides this, famous musician Allie Goertz was reported against Justin for un-parliamentary messages. Allie uploaded screenshots of all the messages Roiland sent to her. 
  • Adult Swim dismissed the Roiland association from the Rick and Morty series after these charges. 

Was Jane His Girlfriend? Know Their Incident Story!

On 19 January, 2023 Justin appeared in court. But as per the sources, the incident occurred & a complaint was launched almost 3 years back, i.e., on 19 January 2020. In the complaint file, Justin Roiland Girlfriends Jane Doe said when she was dating him, she was brutally accused & abused by Roiland. 

After this complaint, Justin was arrested, but soon released in August 2020 on a 50,000 USD bond. But, his attorney T Edward Welbourn pleaded in court that all the allegations were false & his client was innocent. No

About Justin Roiland! 

Justin Roiland is famous for many reasons. He is a voice-over artist, writer, producer and director. Justin was born in Manteca, California. 

At an early age, Justin attends Sierra High School. Later he joined Manteca High School & then Manteca Junior College. After completing his graduation, he started work with Channel 101. 

Justin Roiland Domestic Abuse Reddit & Other Media Links 


The local authority recently submitted all the probable reports on domestic violence cases in the court

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Justin Roiland Domestic Abuse Reddit– FAQ

a) Is Justin Invested in NFT?

Yes, he also owned NFT ventures. 

b) What made him famous? 

Justin is famous for many reputed and renowned television shows such as Blonde Craig and Rich and Morty.

c)  Which is the best movie Justin has done?  

Santa Buddies & Smallfoot. 

d) Is Justin Guilty?

The court trial will start in the month of April, 2023. 

e) Which Video Games are associated with Justin?

Dota 2, The Lab, LawBreakers etc. 

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