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Jose Andrada Video: Has The Mundial Video Crossed Million Views? Check Story Here!

Jose Andrada Video write-up has discussed the interaction between the Argentine team and its fans Jose and shared related links.

Have you seen the viral video of Argentine football fan Jose Andrada? What surprised the Argentina national football team at the Conmebol tribute? The little boy from Salta province attracted the attention of the football champion and the rest of the country at a Conmebol tribute held on Monday.

The keyword related to Jose Andrada and Conmebol events is trending on social sites like Twitter and Reddit. The Argentine football fan’s speech brought tears to the eye of the national team coach and players. Jose Andrada Video has details on the twelve year old and links related to the Conmebol event.


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Jose Andrada Speech at Conmebol Event:

On Monday, the national football team gathered at the Conmebol event to celebrate their World Cup 20222 wins in Qatar. The team went through a roller coaster ride in the tournament before winning the title. 

Jose Andrada’s emotional message during the World cup became viral as he believed his team would win the title. Jose’s presence at the event surprised the national team; his speech brought tears to their eyes.

Jose Andrada Mundial Qatar 2022:

The Argentinian team lost their league-stage match with Saudi Arabia, a big setback for the South American team. The loss in the league match made the fans emotional as Jose celebrated the win against Australia with tears in his eyes.

The video that went viral before the final match featured Jose saying these tears are for my national team and country. The football team saw Jose’s message before the final match and thanked him for supporting the team. Lionel Messi even shared Jose Andrada’s images on his social media platforms. 

Jose Andrada Mundial videos became viral and garnered more than a million views in the run to the final match. The viral video and his emotion for the team earned him many accolades and invited him to the Conmebol event in 2023.

Jose Andrada Wiki:


Jose Andrada
Birth year 2010
Birthplace  Embarcacion
Province  Salta
Age  12 years
School  Not known
Famous for  Viral video during Qatar 2022 Football World Cup
Recently in News for  Emotional speech at Conmebol Event
Father  Not known
Mother  Not known
Jose’s Video trending on  Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok platforms
Height  Not known 

Not known

Content of Jose Andrada Video at Conmebol Event:

The speech by Jose Andrada and the player’s reaction to his speech has gone viral on social media sites. The Conmebol event surprised Jose as he got a chance to see his idols. 

Jose introduced himself as a person from a railway employee town that is 260 km from the capital city of Salta province. He added that being with the best team in the Universe is pride.

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

The interaction between the Argentine national team and Jose Andrada has gone viral on the internet. 

How do you rate Jose’s speech at the Conmebol event? Please comment.

Jose Andrada Video: FAQs

Q.1 Which city hosted the Conmebol event?

The conmebol event was hosted in Paraguay city.

Q.2 Which local channel filmed Jose’s emotions during the Football World Cup 2022?

Jose’s emotions were filmed by Multivision Salta network during the World cup 2022.

Q.3 Which two players thanked Jose for supporting the national team during the World cup 2022?

Martinez and Guido Rodriguez sent a video thanking Jose for supporting the Argentine team.

Q.4 What is Scaloneta?

Scaloneta is the term used for the Argentine Football national team.

Q.5 How many views has Jose Andrada Video received in the last few days?

Jose’s recent video has more than 480k views on some sports channels.

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