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John Leonard Pepsi Jet: Check Leonard Harrier commercial Wiki & Documentary Data!

This post, John Leonard Pepsi Jet, will share all the information about the newly released documentary, “Where is my Jet”.

Are you familiar with John? Have you read any updates on the Netflix-released Pepsi documentary? If not, you just need to give this piece some attention. In the 1990s, John, a student, brought a lawsuit against PepsiCo, a multibillion-dollar international soft drink giant. 

People from the United Kingdom, the United StatesCanadaAustralia, and Germany, were interested in learning more about this John Leonard Pepsi Jet

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What is Pepsi Jet

The name of the documentary that was released on Netflix is Pepsi Jet. This documentary is based on an actual incident that occurred to John when he was a little boy. 

Coca-Cola shared an advertisement in which it is stated that if one accumulates a certain amount of coins by investing them in their cans, he will earn various values. John was the only one to earn enough points to qualify for a jet, but the firm claimed it was a hoax. 

John Wiki

Real Name John Leonard 
Nickname Not known 
  Age 48 years
Wife Name



Not known 

Birthplace  Not known 
Profession Not known 

Social media account links of John.

The Twitter account shows many comments regarding the released documentary. The link to the Twitter account is shared in the respective header. 

What do people think about this issue for Leonard?

After watching the Pepsi Jet trailer that was just released on Netflix, we have seen on numerous websites that people supported John. This news is popular on YouTube as well, where users have left comments that can be read. 

How did the lawsuit against Pepsi turn out?

People were curious about what exactly transpired in the lawsuit John had brought against the commercial Company of Pepsi. According to the information, John did not receive a reward, and the case was thus officially closed.

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In closing, we would like to emphasise that you should watch the associated documentary on Netflix if you haven’t alreadyClick this link if you’d want to learn more about the Pepsi Documentary.

What do you think about this happening? Do you also think John made the right decision in bringing a lawsuit against the Company? Please express your ideas.

Harrier Jet Pepsi Jet: FAQs

Q1 On which platform does the Pepsi Jet documentary get released?

It was released on Netflix.

Q2 What is the name of John’s Wife? Is there any social media link for his Wife available?

The name of John’s Wife is Dottie. No, his Wife’s social media account is not known yet.

Q3 What is the current age of John?

As per the information, he is currently 48 years old

Q4 What is Harrier?

Harrier is the name of the Jet.

Q5– On Which Company has John filed the case?

John filed the case against Pepsi.

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