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Jodi Jones Obituary: Read Full Biography Along With Age, Parents, Net worth, Height

The article explains Jodi Jones, who died when she was 14. People can get other details on Jodi Jones by reading Jodi Jones Obituary.    

Did you know about Jodi Jones, who died years back? Who was caught as a murderer? Do you have any information about the individual Jodi Jones’ death was caused by? People from large nations like the United States were interested in and keeping track of the case. When we search for Jodi Jones, one can find two different outcomes. Read the below Jodi Jones Obituary to know more.

Who was Jodi Jones?

Jodi Jones, James and Judy Jones’ third child, was born in Easthouses in 1989. 

Her parents worked for the Royal Mail, and she was raised in a working-class household. Jones was considered a talented poet and artist and a bold and intelligent youngster. Janes had a close relationship with her elder sister, Janine. Her mother affectionately called her a little mentor to her. The Biography of Jodi Jones is on the page.

When did Jodi Jones lose her life?

A 14-year-old teenager died in a Scottish bush in Dalkeith in June 2003. This case is known as the killing of Jodi Jones. Hours after she died, the 14-year-old lover Luke Mitchell’s dog Mia found her semi-naked body hidden near a wall. 

According to the autopsy, the girl suffered multiple stab and slash wounds. Janes had massive wounds on her neck and body, with one excessive wound to her arm. Jodi Jones’ Parents were upset to know of their daughter’s passing.

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Whom did police suspect and arrest?

The list of potential suspects in the death of Jones quickly included Mitchell. He was 16 years old when Luke was blamed for murder on April 14th, 2004. On January 11th, 2005, he was pronounced guilty. He received a 20-year prison sentence as his initial punishment. Mitchell insists on his innocence, and many attempts to overturn the verdict have failed. The Age of Jodi Jones was fourteen.

Around 5 p.m. on June 30th, 2003, Jones left her home and told her family that she would meet Mitchell. When Jane’s dead body was found a few hours later from where she usually went to meet her boyfriend. she had been chained and slain there.


  • Name: Jodi Jones
  • Born year: 1989
  • Age: 14 years (2003)
  • Died on June 30th, 2003
  • Location of death: Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland
  • Suspect: Jodi Jones, aged 14
  • Convicted: Luke Mitchell
  • Convictions: Murder
  • Punishment: Life imprisonment with the possibility of parole after 20 years
  • Net Worth: Unknown
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Parents: James and Judy Jones

Judge Lord Nimmo Smith found Mitchell “truly cruel,” he was given a minimum term of 20 years in jail before getting eligible for release. Luke Mitchell is still imprisoned as of August 2023. The Net Worth of Jodi Jones was not known. She lost her life at an early age. 

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As per online sources, Jodi Jones lost her life in 2003, and the suspect was caught and imprisoned for twenty years. He is expected to be released in the year 2024. When we surf online media on Jodi Jones, people get a famous football player who is 25 years old and is alive. Know more information online.

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