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Jamie Foxx LinkedIn is attracting many publics. People want to know about his medical condition and its severity. Explore some unusual facts here.

Do you follow Jamie Foxx? Do you keep updated on him? If you answer yes, you must have got the recent news about him. He is in hospital and healing with his ailments. His fans throughout the United States and Canada hope for the best and are eager to watch him get healthy soon.

Jamie Foxx LinkedIn is gaining attention after the news of his health. Are you aware of his current health condition? Read and learn about the status now.


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Jamie Foxx news

Jamie Foxx’s health conditions are in demand in every search engine, including LinkedIn. On 11th April 2023, his daughter stated that Jamie was under medication in the Hospital through her Instagram account.

Jamie’s daughter stated that he is facing medical complications and is on the path to recovery. Followers are eager to know about his health. But, the family has not given much information and hopes for the best. 

It is one month now though the recent report on Jamie Foxx’s health mentions that he is still recovering. So, what is taking so long for Jamie to recover? Read further and find the report now.

What happened to Jamie?

The reason for Jamie Foxx’s hospitalization is unknown. Some reports on his health mention that he had a severe Heart AttackBut, on the investigation, it was found to be a rumour. There is no official statement that says that he had a stroke.

His daughter just announced that he is under severe medical complications. But, the exact cause for his worst health condition is kept under wrap. Is there any statement from Jamie Foxx himself? Let us have a look.

Jamie Foxx Statement

On 3rd May 2023, Jamie Foxx posted on Instagram, said Appreciate all the love. He added an emoji of a fox, a heart and a hand. He also wrote about feeling blessed. These were the first time that Foxx spoke out.

Some reports also said Overdose of illegal medicines is the cause of his medical complication. But it is not an official statement yet.

Statement from his co-actors

On the same day as Jamie Foxx’s statement appreciating everyone’s love, many sources said he needed love and prayers. His loving co-actor Kevin Hart also said he is praying for a speedy recovery. Other, like Beat Shazam, also states that fox entertainment needs Jamie back.

Moreover, one of his co-actor also stated that his family is preparing themselves for the worst condition. After such statements, people on Reddit doubt that Jamie is in a severe health ailment. There is no video or photos of Jamie Foxx from a hospital bed on the internet. Read further to know more about Jamie Foxx.

About Jamie Foxx 

  • Real name: Eric Marlon Bishop
  • Date of birth: 13th December 1967
  • Age: 55 years old
  • Place of birth: Texas, the United States
  • Profession: Singer, Comedians, Host and Actor
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts
  • University: United States International University
  • Nationality: American
  • Net worth: 170$ million

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Jamie Joxx’s health condition seems to be worsening daily. His family was not entertaining any reporters and did not announce the reason for his medical illness. His supporters are praying for his speedy recovery and waiting for him to return safely.

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Jamie Foxx LinkedIn –FAQ

Q1. Why is Jamie Foxx Famous for? 

He is famous for his career in singing, acting and comedy.

Q2. What are Jamie Foxx’s Achievements?

Jamie Foxx is the stage name given by his fans. He got numerous awards for his work in Hollywood. The awards in his pocket are Best Actor in Golden Globe award function, Screen Actors Guild Award, BAFTA and Academy Award.

Q3. Is Jamie Foxx married?

No, but he has a history of dating.

Q4. Does Jamie Fox have children?

Yes, he has two daughters named Corinne Foxx and Anelise Foxx. 

Q5. Which Daughter reveals Jamie Foxx’s health condition?

Corinne Foxx

Q6. Who is the mother of Jamie Fox’s daughters?

Corinne Foxx’s mother is Connie Kline, and Anelise’s mother is Kristin Grannis.

Q7. Which hospital is Jamie Foxx healing now?

The name of Jamie Foxx Hospital is kept secret due to security.

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