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Ivanblixter com- Is The Site Legit? Read On To Get Ivan Blixter Reviews!

This article will provide you with a disclosure about the website Ivanblixter com. Also, we will find the dependability of the content.

Do you find difficulty choosing the best applications for your Android? Your search can end up at a single website There are enormous applications available on the Play Store, but it is hard to find the best application that can fulfil your requirement.

Worldwide there is a giant brawl for the website So today, you will find the complete details and reality about Ivanblixter com.


About the Ivanblixter Website

The website has a value of more than $5.8 K. The website helps to find the best application for your Android among multiple applications. Also, you will get details of the different websites available in the Play Store, or you can download the APK as a zip file. 

Moreover, you can read the news regarding the updates of applications in the Play Store. The website’s owner is a blogger that provides vital information regarding the new update of games and software trending on the Play Store.

Ivan Blixter

Ivan is the owner of the website and also a game developer. You can find his identity on the internet as a Batman logo. Moreover, you can also visit his YouTube channel with the same name Ivan Blixter having more than 36 K subscribers. However, the channel is in Spanish. He talks about application updates and upcoming top features.

Ivan Blixter

Website Authentication 

  • Trust Score: Realistic Score of 86 %. 
  • Global ranking: The site of Ivan had ranked at 903850 position globally.
  • Website age: 2 years and 1 month. The owner launched the site on 15 September 2020.
  • Customers’ opinion: The review and comment section for the website Ivanblixter com is filled with helpful feedback. 

FAQs (Frequently ask questions)

Q1) Is real or scam?

A1) is not a scam after looking at all the vital details. The website is registered in Mexico, but the server is updated in the United States.

Q2) Social Media Connectivity?

A2) Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube. These subordinate social media handles can help contact the owner. However, if you want to read the blogs, visit the official website and get the best compression details of the application.

Q3) What is the name of the owner of

A3) His social identity is Ivan Blixter.

Q4) Which are the Most Viewed Blogs in this site?

A4) The most viewed blocks are WhatsApp’s restrictions and rules after the new update. Moveover, he describes how to make money from Facebook stories and videos.

Q5) Youtube Channel Link?

A5) The official youtube channel link is:

Conclusion is a comparison website where you can find blogs about Android applications and news regarding updates. The website appears legit and reliable from all the details we gather on

Have you ever seen a YouTube video or blog of Ivan? Please write your comments below. Visit Ivanblixter com official website from this link 

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