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Is Novelah App Legit: Check The Legitimacy And Reviews Of Novelah App, Also Find Full Information On Novelah Earning App

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere to check Is Novelah App Legit. Also, learn its features and services.

Novelah – Read fiction & novel application is available on Google Play and Apple stores in the Philippines. However, Novelah is not available in several countries due to regional restrictions. In the United States, Novelah is unavailable and its is not present on social media. Novelah has a traffic inflow from East Asian countries. So, why is Novelah restricted in several regions? What do Novelah features? Let’s analyse Is Novelah App Legit.


The legitimacy of Novelah:

Novelah is ranked #1 in the Books application on the Apple Store. The application was listed on Google Play and Apple Store from 18th/March/2022. Hence, Novelah is a 1-year, 3-month, and 26-days old application. 10+ million Google users installed it. has an average monthly visitor count of 4.4K with a traffic value of $163. Most of the visitors are from Philippines(53%), Indonesia(12%), Malaysia(10%), Brazil(10%), and Myanmar(5%). is the official website offering the Novelah application. was created on 12th/July/2021. The website is 2-years and 3-days old. was updated on 21st/June/2022, suggesting business continuity. The Novelah App Download was updated on Google Play on 6th/June/2023.’s registration will expire within 11-months and 28-days on 12th/July/2024. gained a good 92%↑ trust, a below-average 48.4%↓ business ranking, 13/100↓ Domain Authority, a poor 2,256,785↓ Alexa ranking, 14%↑ suspicion score, 1%↓ malware, phishing, threat, and spam scores each. 

Customer reviews:

Novelah gained 4/5-stars from 68,115 customer reviews on Google Play Store, a 4.8/5-stars from 12 reviews on the customer review website, and 4.2/5-stars from 497 reviews on the Apple Store.

About Novelah:

Novelah application hosts several e-novels related to friction, romance, fantasy, horror, action, Etc. Novelah Earning App is free to access but includes in-app purchase options. Novelah supports multiple languages, including Filipino. E-novels do not require any purchases; Instead, the user gets paid for reading the novels. 

The user can join Novelah’a paid platform with an invite code. The credits are in the form of points that can be converted to currency for withdrawal. A new user gets 1,200 points for the first login. In-app games and sponsored videos are included to get 500 points. Each day user login gets 500 points. If your referral joins Novelah and completes at least 5 chapters, you get 180,000 points; considered to check Is Novelah App Legit?

For more points, a membership upgrade is available. The more chapters you cover in a day, the more points you accumulate. The identity and contact information of Novelah’s owner is unknown. Novelah is not blacklisted. 

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Novelah gained good customer ratings and huge number of installations. It is endorsed by, its parent website, which gained good trust score and low suspicion profile. However, digital content published on Novelah may require monitoring for copyright violations. Hence, it is restricted to several regions. So, Is Novelah App Legit? Yes, it is possibly legitimate as it is licenced on Google Play and Apple stores.

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