Is Immediate Bitwave A Scam Online Website Reviews

Is Immediate Bitwave A Scam: Check The Legitimacy And Opinie Of The Site

Is Immediate Bitwave a Scam? To know if this website is Real or Fake, you can browse this post till the end and know everything about this site. 

Is Immediate Bitwave a Scam? 

Have you been into trading? Which platform do you prefer for trading? One such platform for trading is Immediate Bitwave. However, Is Immediate Bitwave a Scam? This domain has been running in the minds of the people in the United Kingdom. So, the readers must know the latest details on this website. Kindly go through this article to have clarity on this site.

Know about: Is Immediate Bitwave a Scam

It is crucial to know the legitimacy of the website before you use it for the trading purpose. We have provided all the important measures that can help you to detect if the website is legit. 

  • Registration Details: October 13, 2023, is the creation date of the Immediate Bitwave website. The domain was registered four months ago 
  • Trust Score: The Immediate Bitwave has received a 48.5/100 trust score. The score is poor.
  • Phishing Score: The phishing factor on the Immediate Bitwave site is 7/100. 
  • Malware Score: The malware score is 32/100. 
  • Reviews: No legitimate reviews are present. 

Immediate Bitwave Is Real or Fake

Immediate Bitwave is an online site that helps customers to trade in cryptocurrency conveniently. However, many online sites suggest that this website is fooling people in the name of cryptocurrency trading. They intend to take money from the customers in the name of the deposits. However, when the customers want to withdraw their funds, the site makes certain excuses and the customers cannot withdraw their funds. Thus, this site is fooling the people and taking away their money. Hence, all these facts suggest that this website is fake. You should consider all these points while depositing money.

Immediate Bitwave Is Real or Fake

Immediate Bitwave Opinie

We have tried to seek the details on the opinions on the Immediate Bitwave website. However, we have not seen the opinions of the customers on the online review portals. Neither there are any opinions on the official website. However, many online sites revealed that this website is fooling people as they take the deposits from them and do not return them. But, the ratings are not seen on the review portals. We have also searched for the social media platforms of the Immediate Bitwave website and found a page on Facebook with only 10 followers. No ratings were seen on the page. So, Immediate Bitwave Is Real or Fake? It is clearly understood that the website seems fake and one should not use such online sites as the customers may lose their money.


Summing up this research, we have found that the domain was registered four months ago and received a poor trust index. The website has not been reviewed by any site. Thus, all these factors suggest that the website seems a scam. You should not share the PayPal details as the scammers can fool you. You can check out some websites for Trading in Cryptocurrency

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DISCLAIMER: We request every user who is interested in trading to go through the legitimacy before they invest any money. The Immediately Bitwave site is not authentic and you should not get trapped by their sugar-coated wordings. 

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