Is Icp Crypto A Good Investment (June 2021) How To Buy!

Is Icp Crypto A Good Investment (Aug 2021) How To Buy!

Is Icp Crypto A Good Investment (Aug 2021) How To Buy! >> This article gives information about the establishment of the ICP coin and its market condition.

Are you looking for the primary cryptocurrency which will help you in making a profit? But, on the other hand, do you like to earn a big profit by investing less in digital currency? In this article, we will talk about a cryptocurrency called ICP coin, which is now active Worldwide

Also, we will discuss its statistics and condition in the present time and also tell you Is Icp Crypto A Good Investment. So let’s get started, shall we?

What is an ICP coin?

ICP, or Internet computer, was launched on May 10th on the coinbase platform, and after the launch, it entered the top cryptocurrency list on the CoinMarketCap. ICP is a smart contract platform that uses a blockchain-powered public network to provide a limitless environment for contracts worldwide and helps in reducing the computing cost. 

The founder and chief scientist of DFINITY Foundation, Dominic Williams, are responsible for launching the ICP coin. According to the founder, he wants to create a blockchain for infinite capacity. So now the question arises that Is Icp Crypto A Good Investment, or it’s just another scam? We will find this out later in the article. So continue reading. 

Price chart of ICP coin

  • Price- $69.59
  • 24H low- $62.81
  • 24H High- $81.28
  • Trading volume- $484,718,353.13
  • Market cap- $9,023,855,438.92
  • Market Rank- #16

Price prediction/Statistics 

As per the present performance of the ICP coin, it can be said that this cryptocurrency is giving tough competition to the existing top-level cryptocurrencies. Also, ICP comes in the top 10 cryptocurrencies that are active worldwide, but Is Icp Crypto A Good Investment? Well, let’s see what the prediction or forecast says about the ICP coin. 

According to the reports and trusted website’s analysis, we found out that the ICP coin price will rise in the future as the price of the ICP coin will reach $283.52 in 2021 end and 2022 rise to $318.92. In the year 2025, it will rise to $548.67, and in 2028, the price will be $801.88. 

Is Icp Crypto A Good Investment?

ICP crypto becomes recognised in many countries at the time it got released. Many people believe that it can take the place of Bitcoin in the future. Many people suggested that it is safe to invest in the Internet computer as the condition of this crypto coin is very promising, and its future prediction indicates profitability. 

Many experts and analysts believed that the ICP coin can achieve a milestone in the future and can be beneficial for the holders. 

How to Buy ICP coin? 

If you want to buy it, you need to follow these easy steps to purchase an ICP coin as now we know Is Icp Crypto A Good Investment

  • Go to any crypto exchange like coinbase, Binance, Poocoin.
  • Log in with the site and purchase a wallet.
  • Deposit some amount to buy tokens.
  • Go to the exchange section and select ICP coin.
  • Swap the tokens, and you will get the ICP tokens in your wallet. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question1: who is the founder of the ICP coin?

A: Dominic Williams is the founder of ICP coin.

Question2: What is the market rank of ICP coin?

A: The market rank of the ICP coin is #16. You can check the graphs or statistics of the prediction on this link to make the picture clearer.


As now we know the answer to Is Icp Crypto A Good Investment, we can conclude that ICP coin is a good opportunity to invest your money and profit in the future. If you want to know the next big cryptocurrency, 2021, click here

Please share your views regarding the ICP coin with us in the comment section. 

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