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Ipay Coin (Jan 2022) Price, Prediction & How To Buy?

This topic below is about Ipay Coin, a new cryptocurrency, a unique platform with distinctive features for subscriptions, content creators and fanbase.

Most of the characteristics of iPay are unique to the planet. It has only two platforms that would offer iPay as a mode of payment shortly.

Content providers and influencers across Pakistan, India, the United States, and other world areas may subscribe to unlock special material. You may scroll down to know the complete details and analysis of Ipay Coin.

What is the iPay crypto token?

The API of the iPay token would be utilized as a mode of payment for the multi-billion dollar creative market, removing chargebacks and fraud leveraging anonymized blockchain technology. 

iPay is coupled with the BUSD stablecoin to prevent volatility and preserve stability. The iPay token is used to pay the developer wallet. Besides, iPay will liquidate iPay into BNB/ BUSD to fund advertising strategies.

Who founded iPay cryptocurrency?

iPay’s online platform is the best way to know the complete details of its founders, which includes the following:

  • John Jambazian
  • Marty Sarkisov
  • Simon Heit
  • Steven Hall

Price chart of Ipay Coin:

  • Price-  USD
  • 24 Hours low- 0.000214 USD
  • 24 Hours High- 0.000214 USD
  • 24 Hours Volume- Not Available
  • All-time High- 0.037201 USD
  • All-time Low- Not Available
  • Market Cap- Not Available
  • Tax over selling- Approximately thirty percent
  • Tax over buying- Approximately five percent
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap- USD
  • Circulating Supply- 
  • Maximum Supply-
  • Decimals- 9
  • Total Supply- 1 000 000 000 (1 Billion) 
  • Market Rank- # 2555
  • Contract Address- 0x6c3da411b96bcdafb53d7c3cde28b356571a8b5c

Price Prediction and Statics of iPay crypto:

iPay will have about five percent buys during its launch, out of which about three percent would be for liquidity and two percent for marketing.

Besides, the Ipay Coin buying after 5 000 holders would be eleven percent, out of which three percent would be for liquidity, eight percent for Dev (Development/ Team/ Marketing), and zero percent for reflection paid back iPay holders.

Also, the sales tax would only be thirty percent; 5% for Dev (Development/ Marketing and 25% for liquidity.

The selling after 5 000 holders would be 11%; 8% for Dev (Development/ Team/ Marketing), 0% for reflection paid back to iPay holders, and 3% for liquidity. 

Is the iPay crypto token a good investment?

Ipay Coin holds #2555 ranking in the cryptocurrency market by its live market cap. It has reached a maximum of 0.000214 USD. 

Its platform has several unique features where fans may request personalized or customized content from preferred authors or creators.

When receiving tips, creators will have the option of live streaming one-on-one with a list, subscribers, their followers, or the entire online platform.

Creators may also compose a single message and transmit it to their fan following in masse. However, fans need to pay to access and watch the content.

How to buy the iPay crypto token?

Currently, Pancake Swap is the active platform to swap Ipay Coin.

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the all-time high of iPay tokens?

  1. The all-time high of iPay tokens is about 0.037201 USD.

Q- What is the 24 hours low of iPay token?  

The 24 hours low of iPay token is about 0.000214 USD. Also, find more details of iPay crypto coin. 


Famelink and iFans were designed over the iPay platform from the ground up on the Amazon Web Services’ online platform. With special features, this platform is unique for its pay-to-view, mass messaging, options of live streaming, requests for custom content, and subscriptions for exclusive content for Ipay Coin.

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