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Immortalz NFT (Sep 2021) Token Price Of New Tokens!

This write-up presents complete knowledge of Immortalz NFT and its minting details, along with the information supplying the Immortalz Roadmaps.

A lot of Non-fungible digital assets are being introduced in the platform of blockchain, which had expanded the growth of the crypto currency market. NFTs are virtual assets that help in the collection of crypto coins.

Immortalz NFT is one of the NFTs which had got itself registered on NFTs blockchain a few months back and are known by United States people majorly. The Immortalz definition and notes are fundamental to be known if you are interested.

Furthermore, if you find it challenging to understand NFT, there is no need to worry as this blog will let you know the NFTs details from scratch, along with the information of Immortalz. 

What Are NFTs?

The NFTs full term is a Non-Fungible Token. They are the digital assets that are stored inside the blockchain. It’s also stored in Ethereum ERC-721 in some cases. 

Before jumping to Immortalz NFT you must be very well known to NFTs details.

This virtual element gets securely stored in dedicated Ethereum wallets and is recognized as the NFT element, which one may trade or sell. Talking about the value of NFTs, they are generally given by the community.

Immortalz Techy Details 

  • Supply: 10,000 IMMORTALS 
  • Smart Contract: ERC-721
  • Mint Price: 0.07 ETH
  • Verified Contract: using openzeppelin’s open-source contract
  • Reserved Immortalz: 150 

Let’s find out who is the developer of Immortalz!

Immortalz NFT (CRYPTO) Founder

In one of the sources over the internet, the news came on 21st March 2021 stating Amir H. Fallah about dropping his one of the first Immortal, NFT, on super rare. 

Immortalz Info

Each of the 10k immortals is created carefully via God’s of Ether realm #4KF24. However, this reality has been expired 

  • Drop Date: 4th September 2021 6:30 AM
  • Beginning price: 0.07 Eth
  • Items present: 10000 items 
  • Twitter: none
  • Discord: https://discord.com/invite/WkB7VAFuRe

Different Roadmaps Of Immortalz 

There are seven different road maps of the Immortalz NFT 

  • Launch date: The immortals got launched on Friday at PST 6 PM.
  • Orbs open: The immortals are directly created from the realm sun Ether. These are cyber beings that are made of energy and light, which have excellent destruction capability 
  • Rarity tools: Rarity tools and Rarity spinner ranking is activated 
  • After integration: integration is done into social media after
  • Ether God Reveals
  • Drawing the draft book
  • Immortalz pets
  • Ambary Tribute- pilot episode 

These were the briefly explained Roadmaps Of the Immortalz.

How To Buy Immortalz?

Immortalz nft can easily be minted from the official site provided for Immortalz. Currently, there are no updates on how can one purchase Immortalz NFT.

Furthermore, the contract address of Immortalz is missing and will be released soon on Twitter, and the discord on 31st

Frequently Aske Questions 

  • What is the smart contract address of Immortalz?
  • Ans. The contract address has not been launched yet. It will be revealed on the 31st over Twitter and discord. 
  • Can users contact the team of this NFT?
  • Ans. Yes, the team are super active over Twitter and Discord
  • How can one buy Immortalz?
  • Ans. One can easily avail Immortalz or mint it directly from the official site of Immortalz


Immortalz NFT can be minted easily from the Immortalz website. The contract address will be disclosed soon on Twitter and discord after few days.

However, the trading of this nft will start soon. So, if you want to trade it, look for the best apps for trading Cryptocurrency.

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