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The Idol Rotten Tomatoes Reviews write-up has summarized the critic's rating for the Sam Levinson show scheduled for launch on 4 th June.

Are you waiting for the release of “The Idol” television series on the HBO cable network? Have you seen the recent reviews of this series on different review sites? The television series, scheduled for launch on 4th June 2023, was screened at Cannes Film Festival on 22nd May.

The Sam Levinson show received a five-minute standing ovation from the audience, but things changed for it after a day. The Idol Rotten Tomatoes Reviews has summarized feedback for this drama from different sources for the United States audience.

Disclaimer: The article content is based on an internet investigation and has information on drama series for the digital audience. It does not intend to promote the series or give negative feedback.

Rotten Tomatoes Rating for “The Idol” Series:

Rotten Tomatoes is an American review website for film and drama series. The website has earned a respectable place in the audience’s minds, and they follow its reviews for watching films and television series. The HBO drama series “The Idol” received a thump down from different reviewers after its screening at Cannes.

The Tomatoes review rating for The Idol is dismal, with an average tomato meter score of 9%. The show received a 20% rating earlier but slid down to less than 10% with more reviews.

The Idol Rotten Tomatoes 2023:

Rotten Tomatoes is showing a 9% approval rating for Sam Levinson with eleven reviews. This is the lowest rating for any HBO series in history and gives the unique distinction of being the lowest-rated show on the HBO channel. The number will fluctuate with more reviews, but the show will remain in the rotten category as things stand.

The critic’s review and the tomato meter have given their verdict for the show, but its release on 4th June 2023 will give the series another chance to be rated by the audience. The Idol Rotten Tomatoes Reviews rating matches with most critics as they have labeled the show torture.

HBO Drama Series “The Idol” Storyline:

Rotten Tomatoes has also described the storyline of this series. The drama focuses on a pop star named Jocelyn, who pledges to be a top pop star in America. Jocelyn had a nervous breakdown during a show, which got canceled; the pop star begins a complex relationship with cult guru Tedros to reclaim her top place in the music world.

The rotten tomato tease the audience by asking, “Will the romantic awakening take the pop star to a new height, or will it take her deep down.”

The Idol Rotten Tomatoes Reviews matches with Critics Verdict:

The Idol series is creating a lot of buzz before its release date on 4th June 2023 for the United States audience. Some critics have called the show “shameful” and have compared it to an indecent or D-grade movie. A magazine investigation team reported that the working condition at the sets of the series was pathetic, and some scenes in the show made actors uncomfortable. 

Most reviewers criticize the abundance of” indecent scenes” in the series; they collectively felt that these scenes had done nothing to increase the show’s quality. Most critics felt that unwanted scenes would glorify the negative culture. 

How Reddit Reacted to The Idol Rotten Tomatoes 2023?

The Tomato review has generated a lot of buzz on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit. There are many threads on reddit related to tomato reviews. One thread titled The Idol debuts with a 20 tomato score has attracted 642 comments within seventeen hours. One netizen commented that the review hit the nail on the coffin for the show. 

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Final verdict:

The HBO series received a dismal rating after its screening at the Cannes film festival. Most reviews have given a negative rating to the show, but the final verdict is still awaited.

Will tomato ratings affect “The Idol” viewership? Please comment.

The Idol Rotten Tomatoes Reviews: FAQs

Q.1   How did Levinson defend “The Idol” at the Cannes film festival?

       Levinson defended the show by describing the indecent scene as a “revolutionary” act.

Q.2   Who has performed the role of Jocelyn in “The Idol” drama?

       Lily-Rose Deep performed the role of Jocelyn in the drama.

Q.3   Where can the audience view “The Idol” after the 4th June release?

        People can view this show on the HBO channel and Max stream.

Q.4   What are critics saying about the Sam Levinson show?

         Most critics have termed the show as regressive.

Q.5   Is the average audience score for The Idol Rotten Tomatoes Reviews available?

        No audience score will be available after 4th June 2023.

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