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Human Digital Scam: Explore Complete Information On Company, And Marketing

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Human Digital Scam Marketing Company to know about recruitment messages circulating on WhatsApp.

Did you know that Human Digital Marketing is a multinational company in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA? Human Digital has a comprehensive social media presence. The company aims at creating effective digital marketing strategies and campaigns for businesses. Due to their popularity, scammers in South Africa plotted Human Digital Scam.

Details of ongoing Human Digital Scam:

The alert about the Human Digital job scam was featured on Reddit six days ago, on 7th/October/2023. The blog was shared by @u/Low_Elk_6784, who was trying to make people aware of how scammers use buttery words, logical reasoning, and carrot and stick approach by offering high salaries/wages.

The WhatsApp message introduced the recruiter as Katherine Elliot from Human Digital. Katherine asked for permission to message the job description. It is unclear if @u/Low_Elk_6784 has applied (or) searching for a job. Obviously, out of the blue, @u/Low_Elk_6784 asked Katherine where she got his contact number.

Human Digital Company fraudulent chats:

Katherine logically replied that Human Digital cooperates with several recruitment agencies and personnel recruitment departmental websites that recommend the candidate’s profile. Specific names of recruitment agencies were strategically unspecified!

Without a prompt from @u/Low_Elk_6784, Katherine continued the WhatsApp chat and provided the job details. She stated that Human Digital provides freelancing opportunities that can be taken up at any remote location. The candidate has to spare his free time to subscribe to the YouTube channels of their clients. Katherine assured that freelancers will definitely receive payments. 

Unrealistic Human Digital Marketing payment offers:

With the carrot and the stick approach, she tried to lure @u/Low_Elk_6784 that, he can earn between 500 Rand to 3000 Rand daily and up to 10,000 Rand monthly. Further, no investment is required.

@u/Low_Elk_6784 did not respond to Katherine’s offer. @u/Low_Elk_6784 updated his Reddit post, stating that such WhatsApp messages should not be engaged; they should be blocked and reported.

@u/Low_Elk_6784 also shared the Human Digital recruitment scam post on the Reddit community page – @r/askSouthAfrica. As the name suggests, the @r/askSouthAfrica group is specifically meant to discuss, gain knowledge, and clarify any questions from a South African perspective.

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Human Digital Company WhatsApp message exposed:

@u/Low_Elk_6784’s post received 45 upvotes and 27 comments. All comments suggested that Redditors believe the WhatsApp message is a recruitment scam! Several Redditors reported receiving similar offers from different business entities.

It must be noted that several business accounts do send genuine offers on WhatsApp. However, scammers are misusing the WhatsApp platform for the same reason. Hence, not all WhatsApp recruitment offers are genuine.

In @u/Low_Elk_6784’s post, Katherine’s contact details were unspecified, making it impossible to verify the sender’s authenticity. Further, as a marketing agency, Human Digital is involved in Social Media Marketing (SMM) for promoting content creators, social media channels, Etc. 

Authenticity of Human Digital Marketing WhatsApp recruitment offers:

Though it needs to be checked if Human Digital offers remote jobs outside Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, @u/Low_Elk_6784 should have tried verifying the WhatsApp message’s legitimacy and Katherine’s details.

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SMM agencies promote social media content to increase count of subscriptions, likes, watch time, DM, sharing contents, watching live videos, acquiring more audiences, increasing viewer counts of reels and shorts, Etc. Though Human Digital is not present in South Africa, their recruitment message could be treated as spam instead of a scam until the authenticity of Katherine’s ID and contact details are verified.

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