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How To Get Bereal Recap: Explore The Steps, Also Check What Happened To Users Account When Recap Requested

Read the resolution to access BeReal Recap and complete details unavailable elsewhere to learn How to Get Bereal Recap.

It is the year’s end and time to share your memories on social media about 2022! Did you know BeReal is the number one app on iOS as of July-2022? Did you know that it was launched in 21st-December-2019 and is available in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, etc? 

Did you know Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau from France invented it? And would you like to know How to Get Bereal Recap?


How to Get Bereal wrapped?

With the term Recap, the BeReal users are looking to generate memories of their videos and pictures they had posted throughout the year. BeReal is a social media app. Its pictures and videos are shared with your friends and family members you have accepted the invitation for. But a few images and videos can be seen on your discovery timeline.

Like Spotify Wrapped, the BeReal Recap must be requested on the mobile app. Some user accounts were already updated with the Recap ready to be accessed. But, What Happened To other user accounts? 

There are more than 10 million active users per day. We can anticipate the load on the app by the fact that BeReal’s turnover grew from $30 million to $600 million. Hence, for millions of users, BeReal Recap showed a wait time of more than 11K positions in the queue/waiting list.

The BeReal app aims at letting users post their real images without any edits. It requires the users to post at least one post per day. With this, millions of users share the moments of their joy and sadness on Reddit and other social media platforms. As the year 2022 rounds up, BeReal users are trying to access their posts to share them on social media.

It resulted in unrest among the Bereal users as some could not access the Recap. Added to it, many BeReal users installed their memories, added background music and posted it on social media. Such users aimed to show the hard and good times they had gone through in 2022. Viewing the status of such users, others are eager to post their BeReal memories.

Detailed steps on How to Get Bereal Recap:

  • Log in to the BeReal app,
  • Click on your profile,
  • You will find a button for ‘Memories’; click it,
  • Your memories will generate within a calendar with dates,
  • Click the Recap button next to the calendar to generate your memories,
  • The Recap gets generated instantly. But, for some users, there may be a wait time,
  • If you still can’t access Recap, clear app cache and re-login.

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More than 53 million users have installed BeReal. Hence, there is a huge row over How to Get Bereal Recap. The Recap is working, but there may be a wait time. If you cannot generate the Recap, please clear the app cache and re-login. BeReal app has positive ratings of 4.6+/5 stars on Google Play and Apple store from more than 6,47,100 reviews. It is available in 14 different languages. 

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How to Get Bereal Recap – FAQ

1Q. When was BeReal Recap launched in 2022?

BeReal Recap access was made public on 15th-December-2022.

2Q. What is the resolution for BeReal Recap not generating (or) getting accessed?

The Recap should be accessible according to the steps mentioned earlier. However, if you still can’t access the Recap, then clear the app cache and re-login.

3Q. How much is the BeReal registration and membership fee?

BeReal is free to use the app.

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