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H&m Fitting Room Twitter Video: What Is The Content Of Leaked Video on Reddit, TIKTOK, Instagram, YOUTUBE, And Telegram

Read complete details unavailable elsewhere about the H&M Fitting Room Twitter Video to learn about the case filed and the response of H&M.

H&M, also known as Hennes&Mauritz group, is a Worldwide famous multibrand and retail clothing store with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. H&M has a multinational presence with more than 4,801 stores and 107,375+ employees. 

Did you know about a recent case filed at Dang Wangi district regarding H&M fitting room leaked video? In this article, we bring you all the details about H&M Fitting Room Twitter Video.


H&M fitting room video:

Disclaimer: The details provided in this article are obtained from various sources on the internet and intended for the purpose of information only. We do not promote grownup content in any form.

The H&M fitting room video went viral on various social media platforms, including several video streaming platforms such as Several social media accounts were suspended for posting the video.

There are more than 120 Twitter and more than five Leaked on Reddit posts related to H&M fitting room videos. The video clips on the internet showed a woman sitting in H&M fitting room and performing offensive acts.

It is one of the many videos that were circulated. On observing the videos, women said they cried as they were unaware of cameras in the fitting room. There are more than eleven YouTube posts related to H&M fitting room videos.

The scam came to light when an H&M security manager of the JalanImbi outlet filed a complaint at the Dang Wangi district police station on 9th January 2023. The security manager reported about H&M fitting room footage circulating on the internet. The reference to the video was provided from a Twitter user account – @meleisgw. 

There are fewer Instagram posts associated with H&M fitting room videos.@meleisgw Twitted the video on 8th January 2023, highlighting that videos of women were captured in H&M fitting room. The footage was 00:00:11 seconds long. Reacting to the post, @meleisgw informed that she had also recognized herself in the footage.

Currently, @meleisgw’s Twitter account is protected, and her posts are not publicly accessible. There are occasional TikTok posts related to H&M fitting room videos.Various sources on the internet reported that @meleisgw had removed the post since it got widely circulated on the internet.

In a press note, Noor Delihan Bin Yahaya (ACP) informed on 11th January 2023 that the incident was being investigated. The video footage was anticipated to belong to an H&M outlet other than the JalanImbi.

Social media links:


As Telegram is a private messaging group, the circulation of H&M fitting room videos is unascertained. However, Reddit and Twitter posts show several illigitimate websites offering unauthentic telegram and social media links to receive the latest updates. Tips about the incident can be given to inspector Muhammad Fikri Abdul Manan by calling (013)414-9917 (or) the city police hotline at (03)2115-9999.

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H&M Fitting Room Twitter Video – FAQ

1Q. When was the fitting room video taken?

It is anticipated that the H&M fitting room leaked video was from October 2022.

2Q. What case was filed by the police?

A case under section 509 was filed . 

3Q. What action did the police take?

Various H&M outlets in Kuala Lampur were examined. 

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