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[Watch Video] Herlene Budol And Rob Gomez: Who Is Boyfriend? Details Of Video, Bianca Manalo and Win Gatchalian!

Learn the story which revolves around Herlene Budol and Rob Gomez, in addition to Bianca Manalo, Win Gatchalian, and Herlene’s boyfriend video.

Do you watch the famous hit television series Magandang Dilag? Then, have you heard there is a massive scandal going on the internet that contains more drama than the real Magandang Dilag series?

If not, then this article about Herlene Budol and Rob Gomez will help you learn about their hidden story, which is currently trending in the Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Canada, and the United States. In this article, we are going to unravel all the relationships and knots that are tied up among the co-stars of the Magandang Dilag show.

A scandal about Herlene Budol and Rob Gomez

Herlene and Rob are two very famous Filipino actors who used to work together in the recent drama Magandang Dilag. In that drama, according to the storyline, both of them develop a love interest. But their viral screenshot of the text message revealed that both of them seemed to be in genuine love. 

And here comes the story: two days ago, shocking screenshots were uploaded to Rob Gomez’s Facebook profile. In the viral Herlene Budol Video and text message, we can see the text message conversations of Rob with Herlene and Rob with another actress, Bianca Manalo.

 Shockingly, Herlene and Rob are talking about their pregnancy test. That private message has leaked now, and the affair between Rob and Herlene is now revealed. But currently all the screen shots are removed.

A scandal about Herlene Budol and Rob Gomez

Details about the Herlene Budol Video


Currently, Herlene text messages are trending online, and it is not her video that got leaked; it was her messenger’s text. And none of her videos are currently trending as of now. According to the leaked message, Herlene has discussed her pregnancy test with another married man and the actor Rob. This conversation stirred lots of controversy.

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Herlene Budol Boyfriend

The Philippine actress Herlene Budol is rumored to be dating a man named Xam Troy Bello. But this news is not confirmed. According to the leaked screenshots of the text conversation, Herlene seemed to be in a romantic relationship with her co-star, Rob Gomez. 

Rob Gomez is not Herlene Budol Boyfriend because he is a married man, and he has a daughter as well. Hence, Herlene’s relationship with Rob Gomez is still a mystery, but the couple went to the extent of discussing pregnancy results and all. These conversations make us doubt the relationship between Herlene and Xam Troy Bello as well.

Bianca Manalo and Win Gatchalian

Another person who has been caught in this love triangle scandal is Bianca Manalo. Bianca Manalo is also a Philippine actress who is acting in the same Magandang Dilag series along with Herlene and Rob. 

In the leaked text message conversation screenshot, the actress Bianca Manalo also contacted Rob Gomez, and she asked Rob to meet her early in the morning. She mentioned that “he” was not in the city. That he is Win Gatchalian.

Bianca is already in a serious relationship with Philippine Senator Win Gatchalian. Bianca Manalo and Win Gatchalian have been dating since 2019, but these leaked text conversations with Rob revealed Bianca’s true face as well. 

Currently, many public figures have started to send consoling messages to Senator Win Gatchalian, as his girlfriend is looking for some other guy. Hence, the relationship between Bianca and Win is in colossal turmoil now.

Bianca Manalo and Win Gatchalian


The leaked Herlene Budol and Rob Gomez text conversation brings out the true colors of the three stars of the Magandang Dilag series. Herlene, Rob, and Bianca are already in a relationship, but they are all cheating on their partners. 

Rob Gomez has already been accused of having an illegal affair with another actress, but this time with Herlene and Bianca Manalo! 

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Disclaimer: The content shared in the article is valid and true.

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