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Please read this write-up to be acquainted with Heco Mainnet Metamask, the steps to connect the wallet with the blockchain of Huobi, a crypto service provider.

Cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining popularity, and crypto developers are trying to enhance their systems to obtain recognition in the marketplace. Crypto investors prefer those blockchains, which are faster and less expensive. Thus, the crypto providers try to make alterations in their systems to meet the customers’ expectations. 

In this composition, we have talked about Heco Mainnet Metamask, stating facts about the wallet connection to the Huobi blockchain. Investors worldwide, including the Philippines, want to determine the steps for linking the wallet.  

What is Huobi?

Huobi is one of the leading cryptocurrency providers offering crypto services in most of the countries globally. The services include trading and management of digital assets. It follows a decentralized system and specializes in countering the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. 

Huobi enables its registered users to develop systems that prioritize compensation and safeguarding of the investors. As per the statistics of March 2018, this organization resulted in a trade value nearing $1 billion per day. With the incorporation of Heco Mainnet Metamask, Huobi has become more popular among crypto enthusiasts.

Founder of Huobi

Leon Li, a computer engineer and businessman, founded Huobi in 2013 in China. Currently, its headquarters are situated in Seychelles.  

What is a Mainnet?

Before we proceed with the blockchain details, we must first understand what a mainnet is. A mainnet is a blockchain that operates on its independent network and autonomous guidelines. It runs live with its native crypto coins, unlike testnets that use other networks to function. The mainnet refers to an entirely developed system that has completed its phases of trials. 

What is Heco?

Now that we know about mainnets, it will be easier to comprehend Heco Mainnet Metamask. Heco, short form for Huobi ECO Chain, is a blockchain that offers faster and cheaper transactions than other prominent blockchains like Ethereum. Its smart contract addresses are more compatible, and due to its less average fees of $0.001, it is an economically better option for the investors. 

The testnet of Heco was launched in December 2020, and after going through the system procedures, it became a mainnet. Its native cryptocurrency is called HT about which we have discussed later.

For securing the transactions, Heco has its native Huobi wallet. It is also compatible with over ten other crypto wallets, including MetaMask, Tokenpocket, Bitkeep, and Coin 98 Wallet.

Heco Mainnet Metamask

Please follow the steps mentioned below to link MetaMask with Heco. 

  • Go to your search engine’s extension store and install the extension of MetaMask.
  • Create an in MetaMask wallet.
  • Ethereum will show as the default blockchain. Click on the dropdown arrow and go to custom RPC (Remote Procedure Call) for changing the blockchain to Heco.
  • Enter the required details of Heco, such as its chain ID and URL, and click on Save.

About HT

HT is Heco’s indigenous virtual asset, whose current price is $10.08. It ranks 63 in the marketplace with a circulating supply of 164,081,489 HT. By setting up Heco Mainnet Metamask, one can trade these tokens in various crypto exchanges on Heco, like Mdex and Lendhub. 

The owners use this crypto-token primarily to operate in their loyalty programs and voting rights. The holders of HT enjoy several benefits, such as lesser transaction fees and the opportunity to decide on the protocol followed in Huobi. 


Heco utilizes the Ethereum Virtual Machine, facilitating the translation of smart contract addresses into programs that computers can understand. It is used in more than a hundred crypto applications and is connected to several crypto tokens like PolkaDot and XRP. The connection of Heco Mainnet Metamask has resulted in easier and safer transactions in Heco’s system.  

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