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Gannon Stauch Autopsy Photos: What Happened To Gannon Stauch? Who Are His Parents? Also Find Details On His Cause of Death And Autopsy Picture

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Do you want to know about Gannon Stauch? Are you interested to know about the autopsy photos of Gannon? If so, read the article till the end. The murder of Gannon became popular across the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Now, people are discussing the autopsy photos of the child.

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What Happened to the Autopsy of Gannon?

A YouTuber has been criticized for spreading a video showing the autopsy images of the 11 years old boy Gannon. He was killed by his stepmother in the year 2020. Recently, his stepmother was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. After the imprisonment sentence, the people again discussed the incident. The YouTuber “Zav Girl” also made the Autopsy Picture viral. The YouTuber sold the pictures for money. Zav Girl charged $3 to view the pictures.

How was the Boy Killed?

The boy was killed by stabbing him 18 times and shot him. Gannon died after the gunshot, and his skull was fractured. During the trial, the prosecution lawyers told that Letecia Stauch drove him to an area away from Colorado Highway 105 and South Perry Park Road. After dumping the body, she drove back to Florida.

Crime Scene Photos

The murder incident of Gannon became viral and known to all. After his stepmother was sentenced to imprisonment, people were eager to see the photos of the incident. Since the YouTuber has made the autopsy photos available, some people are also interested in getting the photos of the crime scene. The autopsy images spread across various social media platforms, and people share the video highlighting the pictures. These have also become viral on RedditMany people are sharing the link to the video.

Criticism by the People

Many people have criticized the YouTuber Zav Girl for playing with the emotion of family members of Gannon. The family members mourn a huge loss, and people condemn the YouTuber. They have claimed to delete the video. People confirmed that the YouTuber made the video viral only to earn money. People are also eager to know about the Cause of Death of Gannon. He was stabbed to death and also shot. His skull was also fractured.

Response of the YouTuber

Zav Girl responded after the people criticized her for selling the photos. She said that she did not sell the individual photos of Gannon. She uploaded only a full video which was made accessible only to her followers. Zav Girl learned about the issues with those who criticized her for selling the autopsy images. People are also interested to know about the Parents of Gannon.

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People are criticizing Zav Girl for not understanding the feelings of grieving family members. Although she has clarified her intention, people are not satisfied with her response. People still want to know What Happened To Gannon. To know more, please visit the link

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