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Gamezone Crypto (Dec) Price, Prediction & How To Buy!

Gamezone Crypto post has some relevant information for the gamer and investor interested in participating in the Gamezone coin IDO launch on 30th September.

The cryptocurrency industry thrives on the basis of the community as it allows tokens to be readily accepted by the stakeholders. One industry with a loyal customer base and thrives on the community is gaming, and it also has a virtual economy of its own that requires games in currency. Gamezone’s initial DEX offering on 30th September is an attempt to cash on the gaming community.

The gamers in Australia and United States are eagerly waiting to get a pie of Gamezone Crypto as it will serve their purpose of playing the game and making some money.

What is Gamezone Token?

Gamezone is a unique concept where gamers can play their favorite game while earning money. It is a platform with a Blockchain of its own, banking on a gaming project. The one industry which is almost ready for cryptocurrency is gaming, as it has all the components like community, virtual currency, internal economy, and loyal customer base.

Blockchain games are a new flavor of the market, and they are bringing two customer bases and industry together. It will be an excellent fusion product if they synchronize well, and tokens like Gamezone Crypto will be the most sought-after currency.

Gamezone has the best of both worlds, and its success will allow more of this kind of platform in the future.

Who is the founder of Gamezone Coin?

BlueZilla has incubated this project, and it is responsible for providing the infra for both blockchain and regular gamers. It appears that the BlueZilla team will be looking after the whole functioning of the Gamezone cryptocurrency.

Gamezone Token price, supply market, and other data:

The Gamezone is bringing its IDO on 30th September, and one can buy the token by participating in this offering. Some detail about the IDO is given below which will help the buyer.

  • Price of Gamezone Crypto for Public sale: $0.0050
  • Maximum Token supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Circulating supply at the listing: 31,000,000 Gamezone
  • Market capitalization at the time of listing: $115,000 US Dollar

The token will be made available to buyers in five different rounds, and for each certain round amount of Gamezone coin is allotted with a given swap currency. Time and of sale Gamezone coin on 30th September with their respective swap Token are listed below:

  • BSCPad round: 25,000,000 GZONE AT 1 PM UTC
  • ETHPad round: 20,000,000 GZONE AT 1.10 PM UTC
  • KCCPad round: 20,000,000 GZONE AT 1.20 PM UTC
  • TRONPad round: 20,000,000 GZONE AT 1.30 PM UTC
  • ADAPad round: 25,000,000 GZONE AT 1.40 PM UTC

Gamezone Crypto benefits to gamers and price prediction:

  • Since Gamezone is not listed on any exchange and bringing its IDO, there are not many predictions about its future price.

Some of the benefits to the stakeholders are listed below:

  • People participating in the initial offering will get a stake in one of the top gaming companies of the future.
  • They will receive an airdrop of assets and currencies.

How to buy a Gamezone token in the initial DEX offering? 

This token will be listed on Panswapcake and Uniswap Exchange on 30th September at 3 and 4 PM UTC, respectively. People can buy Gamezone Crypto before its listing through IDO, the steps for same is listed below:

  • Purchase the BSCPAD or other token pad given above from the respective exchange.
  • Fill the KYC AT THE earliest as it will allow taking one for approval.
  • One should have 1000 BSCPAD tokens for filling the KYC.
  • To know more about KYC and IDO, read it here.


  • What is the website for Gamezone currency?
  • The official website for this currency is https://gamezone.io
  • Which exchange will it be listed on 30th September?
  • It will be listed on Panswapcake and Uniswap exchange.

Final verdict:

Gamezone Crypto is backed by an established player in both gaming and blockchain technology, and one expects that it can work on the shortcoming of a previous gaming blockchain platform.

Gamer can share their thoughts on the innovative fusion of the gaming and cryptocurrency industry and give their opinion about the Gamezone coin in the comment section.

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