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Funky Town Gore Video: Is the Viral Content Original? What is Present in It? Check All Details Now!

The Funky Town Gore Video expresses the insane minds of people and the details of the video found on the dark web.

Have you come across the Funky Town video? The gore video has attracted the attention of people from Germany and has created a deep discussion on the web for its dark content. The video surfaced on the Internet a few years back, and again, people are talking about the video.

In this post, the readers will get information about the Funky Town Gore Video and the details of what was present in it.

Disclaimer- We do not intend to spread any false information; the news provided here is extracted from online sources.

Updates on the Funky Town Video

The Funky Town video is a cartel torture video where we can see a man tied with rope lying on the floor whose hands have been cut, and he is seen struggling in pain. The man’s skin is ripped off, and his eyes are removed. The video expresses insanity in people and their inhumane nature towards other people. The video is a complete epitome of violence and is one of the goriest videos available on the web. 

Details of Funky Town Original Video

The Funky Town video surfaced on the Internet in 2016, which created a huge discussion and sparked outrage among people. The funky town is a song by one of the Minneapolis disco groups, and the music is being played in the background while the video is shown. 

The video is considered one of the worst videos circulating on the dark web, and people who unfortunately came across it cannot stop thinking about it. 

Where can the viewers watch the video?

We advise the viewers not to watch the Funky Town Gore Video as it can create a huge impact negatively. The video is extremely gore, and we do not know if the video is still available on various websites. There are some sources where the entire information about the video is provided, but the links to the video are not found.

The video has also raised questions about where the video was shot and the man being tortured. The video is removed from the public media platform but still exists on the dark web.

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People’s reaction to the Gore video

People who have already watched the Funky Town Original Video have advised other users not to search for or watch it. They are in a dilemma to know how Sach videos are uploaded, and it has also questioned the humanity of people. The video circulated on various platforms, but the online community has tried to remove all its copies from online sources due to the intensity of violence.

Social media links


i just found about the funkytown gore video
by in TrueOffMyChest


The Funky Town video link is not available on any social media websites; however, some online videos explain the intensity of the video. People who are unaware of the gore video can read the content online. 

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Funky Town Gore Video-FAQs

Q1. What is present in the Funky Town video?

A group of boys is torturing a man.

Q2. Can the viewers find the video online?


Q3. What is the reason behind uploading such videos?


Q4. Why is it called a Funky Town video?

A song named funky town is played in the video.

Q5. Who created the song?

Minneapolis disco group Lipps Inc.

Q6. What is the scariest thing seen in the video?

The Ceramic floor is covered in blood.

Q7. How many people are involved in the torture?


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