Frankspeach .com (April) Get Complete Details Now!

Frankspeach .com (June) Get Complete Details Here!

Frankspeach .com (June) Get Complete Details Here! >> From the above-written content, you will get to know the all information about a platform where you can put your thought and ideas.

Are you looking for a platform where you can speak and write your views freely? There are many social media platforms where you can write your speech and views so that everyone can hear you, but what if the site blocked you because of some controversial topic that you choose?

Yes, we are talking about a reality of a website called Frankspeach .com, which was in the news about blocking the views and bad works in its website in the United States.

What is Frankspeech?

Frankspeech is a website that allows to you writes to and talks to people about your views and ideas. The site was created by Mike Lindell and was launched on April 19.

You can post your ideas, but you can’t use bad words or any controversial topic that can harm any religion’s sentiments. This free-to-speak social media site offers VIP access. Let’s know about the controversy in-depth.

Why was Frankspeach .com in controversy?

There was a video circulated in which it states that the users can use this platform to open up and spread their views and ideas, but at the same time, they can be cautious about bad words. It is clearly stated that the users cannot use cursing words or death threats on the platform. There are many categories like the political topic, documentaries, but those are now not readable.

If the site records any misbehaving statement, then their account will be blocked. This makes the people concern about their freedom of speech and that people should control their emotions and their word of choice to express their feelings in the United States.

How does the site work?

If you want other people to see your ideas, you have to go to Frankspeach .com and access the VIP. To get a VIP entree, you need to enter your mobile number and then verify the number; they will text your access code via text. After entering the access code, you can get your VIP access and start sharing your views and ideas with the world.

Simultaneously, people face some problem regarding VIP access as we see that people are not getting any notification about the activation of the access. It makes the people very disappointed and loses confidence in the site.

People’s View on FrankSpeech Website:

Frankspeach .com, which Mike Lindell creates, who is the CEO of MyPillow company, doesn’t do well on its first day. People who are expecting the VIP launch on the same day cannot log in with a frank speech.

People are continuously looking for an answer and getting frustrated, but there is no official news from the frank speech about the login and sign-up procedures. With the restriction on words, people feel that this platform has violated their freedom of speech.

Final Verdict:

All of us need a platform like this website to share our views with others, but restricting freedom of speech is not right. Unfortunately, though Mike Lindell invested a huge amount of money in this Frankspeach .com, it cannot reach the audience like it supposed to be because of the restrictions. To get more information about the controversy, you can read here.

Let’s see if there will be any upgrade to the website. What are your thoughts about this website? Mention them in the comment section.

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