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Fallon Fox Breaks Skull Video: Check If The Video Still Available On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

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Do you know about the Fallon Fox video? Fallon Fox has been accused of breaking the skull of two women during the match. The former mixed martial artist is facing such regulations after a post got viral on social media. Her fans from the United States are demanding the video where she broke the skull. 

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Fallon Fox skull-breaking video

As per sources, the well-known former mixed martial arts player Fallon Fox has been accused of breaking the skull of an opponent during a fight. A professional doctor has accused Fallon Fox publically on social media of breaking the skull of two opponents. One video of the fight is also getting viral that shows Fallon Fox fighting with women in MMA and breaking her skull as per the sources. 

The video is available on several social media pages and online websites. However, Fallon Fox denied all the accusations by the doctor in an Instagram post. One of the two opponents came in support of Fallon Fox. 

Fallon Fox’s video Viral On Reddit.

The video of Fallon Fox where she is seen fighting in a match with women has created several controversies about her. As per the online sources, the video shows Fallon Fox breaking the skull of the opponent fighter. The video got viral on numerous social media platforms. Several accounts on social media have posted the video of Fallon Fox.

The information regarding the Fallon Fox skull-breaking of the opponent is also available on reddit. Reddit users may find the video on other social media platforms like Twitter. The video may also be found on online websites. 

How did Fallon Fox react to the rumors?

After being accused of breaking the skulls of two women, Fallon Fox finally broke up the silence and refute all the accusations. Fallon Fox posted the Twitter screenshot of the doctor who accused her of breaking the skull of two women and cleared out the rumors on Instagram. As per sources, she wrote that “Transphobes are using fake pictures to say that she broke the skull of opponents she had never fought with. 

Disclaimer: The post states details that are available from trusted sources. None of the information posted here is fake. You can find the mentioned video on online websites or Social Media accounts. 

She added that even one of the opponents also says that she has not fought with her. As per sources, she clearly stated that “Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis” is lying. Fallon also cleared that one of the opponents Tamikka Brents got an orbital fracture from her. She also posted an original clip of the fight which you can also find on Youtube

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Fallon Fox video on Telegram: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Fallen Fix?

Ans. Fallon Fox is a former mixed martial arts player. She is the first MMA fighter.

Q2. What does the Fallen Fox skull breaker video include?

Ans. The Fallen Fox skull breaker video includes her fight with an opponent fighter in which she was accused of breaking the skull of the opponent.

Q3. Did Fallon Fox reply to the accusations?

Ans. Yes, Fallen Fox refuted the accusations that have been put on her by a professional doctor. 

Q4. Is the video available on Tiktok

Ans. The video could be found by the one who can access the tik tok app as it’s unavailable in some regions.

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