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In this post, we will discuss the Face Splint Accident Video, why this Video is trending on the internet, if this Video is fake or real, and what is people’s reactions to this Video.

Do you remember the long-time Free Splint horrifying accident 13 years ago? Do you still remember this accident? If you are still unaware of this accident, then here you will find all the details related to this accident. If you know about this accident, you might wonder why this accident is again trending in the news Worldwide.

Since this accident happened in June 2009, it is again grabbing people’s attention. Therefore people are much curious about why and how this incident is again trending in the news. So, to let you know all the details of Face Splint Accident Video and why it is trending again on the internet after 13 years, read this post till last.


Disclaimer: All the information in this post is derived from the internet. Thus, we are not responsible for any fake information. However, this post is only for education, not promotional purposes.

What is in the Face Splint Accident viral video?

The face splint accident viral video explained the horrifying accident of June 2009. Though this accident happened 13 years before, this Video regained people’s attention across social media. Despite being so old, the Video is drawing the massive attention of people. The Face Split Diving Accident Reddit was uploaded by a user u/zombiedub many years ago.

Though the viral Video is old is regaining its viral status once again on every social media platform. Despite being 13 years old, this incident is grabbing a strong reaction once again from the people. However, the story was first uploaded on Reddit, and again, this Video started viral from Reddit.

What happened in the Face Splint accident?

A face splint horrifying incident happened on June 2009 when a 16-year-old boy was driving on the Manara Promenade. The Manara Promenade was situated right across from the American University. When the teenage boy was trying to dive into the ocean, he was hit by the concrete first and then hit the ocean again.

In the Face Split Diving Accident YouTube, it is seen that the teenager’s boy-sibling brother was taking a successful drive into the ocean from the Promenade building. However, when the teenage boy attempted to do the same, he failed, and this horrifying incident happened.

According to the reports, the Promenade building is 40 feet above the sea, and the teenage boy tried various successful drives before this accident happened. The boy’s sibling brother also claimed that he successfully jumped several times before this incident happened, but when the incident happened, his brother slipped. Due to this, the terrifying incident happened.

In the Face Splint Accident, Video, it is seen when the teenage boy slipped, the girl standing beside him was scramming loudly in Arabic. She was scamming for help and saying, ” Oh my God, Please, someone call the civil defense.

Further details about the viral Video

The Video was uploaded by a Reddit user, u/zombiedub, many years ago on his Reddit account. The user had amassed 93% of upvotes while researching this topic. The Video was getting popular on various social media platforms with traction.

Since this time, this is a traction video, and many users are rising, questing this Video’s legitimacy. However, the Video was again posted by the user @pazlinx on Twitter. Even on the Twitter Face Split Diving Accident, Reddit videos started gaining popularity again. However, while researching and writing this article, I found that the viral incident tweet had more than 445 likes.

How are people reacting to this Video?      

The horrifying incident was happened 13 years ago, and captured by someone. Though many people claim that this viral Video is fake, many users question the legitimacy of this viral Video.

According to some reports, the hospitals claim that the afterward footage is of failed 9mm suicide. While some sources claim the boy survived for two days after this accident and died in the hospital. However, we have didn’t find any solid proof that can claim that Face Split Diving Accident YouTube is real.

Though we didn’t find the legitimacy of this Video, no evidence can prove this Video is fake. Thus, it is hard to speak about the legitimacy of this viral horrifying video reality. Once we know further details about the originality of this Video, we will let you know; till then, stay connected with our updated post. However, check out the social media links below for further details about this incident.

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The Face Splint Accident viral Video showcased the terrifying incident in June 2009. The Video gained popularity when a user shared the Video again on social media. Though many users claim that this Video is fake, there is still no evidence that can find the originality of the Video. 

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Face Splint Accident Video – FAQs

Q1. What is the name of the teenage boy?

Ans. The boy’s identity and name doesn’t found on the internet.

Q2. Does he die in the hospital?

Ans. Some sources claim that he died in the hospital two days after this incident happened. However, it is not clear whether he died in the hospital or on the spot.

Q3. Is this Video still available on the internet?

Ans. This video is still available online but has been removed from Twitter due to explicit content.

Q4. Is this video fake?

Ans. We are unaware of this, but as soon as we know the legitimacy of this Video, we will let you know.

Q5. When did the Face Splint Accident incident happen?  

Ans. Face Splint Accident happened on June 2009.

Q6. Does the Video have sensitive content?

Ans. Yes, this Video has sensitive content.

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