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Everdome Crypto (Feb 2022) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

The guide shares details about Everdome Crypto and the project launched recently for the investors. 

Are you looking for a new Metaverse experience that leverages immersive, high-tech, and hyper-realistic virtual environments? Then, Everdome is the new project that is meant for you. Everdome is the new Metaverse platform that focuses on offering a realistic experience of Metaverse games. 

The project launched its native, in-game currency DOME on 8th Feb, and it is available for trading on OKX. The project offers a platform for Metahero’s extraordinary tech to live, flourish and interact. 

Soon after the launch of Everdome Crypto, it has started attracting Worldwide investors and gamers. 

But, you must check the market statistics before investing. 

What is Everdome?

The current avatars in digital games look unrealistic, and it becomes challenging to relate them with real-world heroes. So, to solve the problem, Everdome Metaverse has been launched that aims to solve the issue by making the avatars look realistic. 

In collaboration with Metahero, Everdome focuses on offering a hyper-realistic V3.0 Metaverse experience. It helps create digital items and avatars that are life-like characters. Since the platform is getting popular amongst Worldwide users, the developers decided to launch the native currency of the platform. 

Everdome Crypto is the native currency available for trading with the ticker symbol DOME. 

The Founders of Everdome

As per the official website, the Founder and CEO of Everdome are Robert Gryn. Bally Singh is the CMO, Jeremy Lopez is the COO, Wojtek Wator is the CPO and Artur Kaczmarczyk is the Chief Growth Officer.

The list of core team members is available on its official website, accessible to all. Interested investors may visit the website to access the names of core team members behind Everdome.

What is the Market Statistic of Everdome Crypto?

According to the live chart, the value of the DOME Coin is $0.03527814. The coin price has registered a hike of 24% in the last 24 hours. The trading volume of Everdome Coin is $79 380 557. It has registered a hike of 22% in the last 24 hrs. 

Unfortunately, the marketing ranking of the DOME coin can’t be found because no data on market capitalization is available. There is no data on fully diluted market capitalization. 

The exchange has not shared any details about the total circulating supply of Everdome Crypto. Besides, we found no details about the maximum circulating supply of DOME Crypto.  

How to Buy Everdome Coin?

As mentioned, Everdome Coin is available for trading on OKX Exchange:

  • Investors have to link their wallet to OKX Exchange
  • Add supporting currency to buy DOME Coin
  • Search the DOME Coin using the contract address
  • Enter the number of DOEM Coin you want to buy
  • Check the live value of the DOME Coin before buying
  • Swap the supported currency for Everdome Crypto
  • Set a slippage for the coin and hold them in your wallet


Q1. What is the official website of DOME Coin?

A1. Investors who want to access more details have to visit the official website https://everdome.io/. 

Q2. What is the Live Value of the DOME Coin?

A2. At the time of writing the post, the last known value of the DOME Coin is $0.03492790.

Q3. Is Everdome Active on Social Media?

A3. Yes, the token is active on social media like Twitter and Telegram. 


Everdome is the project that offers the best of Metaverse experience by leveraging on high-tech and hyper-realistic virtual environment. The new project has announced its native currency Everdome Crypto on 8th Feb 2022, and it is available for trading on the OKX exchange. 

However, before investing, you must check the live value of the token. Don’t forget to see the other options and Best Crypto to Invest in 2022 for profitable return in the future.  

Do you have anything to add about Everdome or DOME? Please, share it in the comment section. 

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