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“Ethereum “”Write For Us””” – Read And Follow The Rules!

This article is about “Ethereum “”Write For Us””” and the guidelines required for writing on this topic. Read more.

Are you interested in writing a guest post? Do you want to send an article as a guest post to Rationalinsurgent.com? The platform is welcoming all the young content contributors to send a guest post. It will help the newbies to enhance their exposure and improve their careers in writing. You can also send a guest post writing on “Ethereum “”Write For Us”””.

You can check the guidelines if you want to send an article as a guest post to the platform. Your article will be rejected if you do not follow the guidelines properly.

About Rationalinsurgent.com

This platform publishes various news articles on various topics. The main motive of this platform is to keep the readers updated with various present incidents. Their articles cover all the essential facts related to the important events. Some topics they cover are about launching new games, technologies, health tips, business, crypto, etc. To contribute a guest post, you must write on “Write for Us Ethereum. You will have to follow the guidelines while writing on ethereum.

Guidelines to Send Guest Posts

If you want to flourish in the career of contributing content, you can also send an article to Rationalinsurgent.com. But, before sending an article, you will have to know about the guidelines and follow them while writing it. You can write an article about Ethereum and send it to the platform. You can check the guidelines mentioned below:

  • You will have to write the content within the specified word limit 500-1000.
  • The grammar score should be 99+
  • The content should not have any grammatical or spelling mistakes
  • The spam score should be within specific limits 2-3%.
  • Write For Us Ethereum Guest Post should have a 90% of readability score.
  • Put the internal links and keyword density appropriately.
  • The keyword density should be as per the instruction.
  • Highlight the external and internal links.
  • The language of the article should be simple and understandable.
  • Try to use simple vocabulary to make the content simple.
  • Put the headings and sub-headings to make the content understandable.
  • Conduct proper research to put the correct facts in the article.
  • Try to make the content high-quality, which can provide value to the readers.
  • The content should be 100% free from plagiarism.
  • The idea of the content should not be borrowed from other platforms.

Benefits of Sending “Ethereum “”Write For Us”””

You can get access to many benefits by contributing an article to Rationalinsurgent.com. If you want to avail these opportunities, you should send an article on Ethereum by following all the instructions. You will have the following benefits:

  • Your content will get identified on the global platform.
  • International publishers will come across your write-up which will help you in many ways.
  • You will be able to learn many new things related to writing a guest post.

Topics to Cover

If you want to contribute a guest post to Rationalinsurgent.com, your content should cover Write For Us + Ethereum. Although the platform publishes content on many other topics, including gaming, health, and business, this time, you will have to write on Ethereum. It is a decentralised blockchain. Ether cryptocurrency of the platform. Ethereum came into the picture in 2013. The founders of Ethereum are Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood, Anthony Di Lorio, and Joseph Lubin. You may cover the following topics which are related to Ethereum:

  • An overview of ethereum
  • Decentralized application of ethereum
  • Concept of ethereum

The topics mentioned above are associated with ethereum. You should also follow the guidelines while writing the article.

How to Submit an Article?

To send an article on Write For Us + “”Ethereum”””, you will have to send an email to braydenwilson763@gmail.com.

Once the team of experts receives your article, they will review it and let you know if it gets approval. They will check the article whether it is in sync with the guidelines provided by the platform or not. If you have fulfilled all the requirements while writing the article, your article will be approved and published within a specified time limit. They will revert back to the same email you have sent the article.


You should follow all the guidelines while writing the guest post on “Ethereum “”Write For Us”””It is important to follow all the guidelines while writing it if you do not want it to be rejected. It would help if you also tried to make the content of high quality so that it can add value to the readers. To know more about ethereum, please visit  

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