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Erw Token (September 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Learn about the app which rewards its users for recycling the plastic with Erw Token? Read the post below.

Do you want to know about the new app that operates its eco-friendly model and rewards you Ethereum based token for recycling plastic? How does it feel when you are helping nature, doing social works, and being rewarded for the same? A quite impressive topic, right? Keep reading the post for complete details. 

Get the details of Erw Token, which is trending in India, and how to get them in the below guide. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

What is Zeloop?

Before getting into the details of ERW coin, let us first briefly know about the Zeloop app. It is a new application in the market that has come up with a smart, interactive idea and deals with social values that will help our environment. 

Only the thing you need to do is collect as many plastic bottles as you can and deposit and earn exciting prizes. You can download the Zeloop app from the play store.

About Erw Token

Erw coin is the ticker symbol of the Eco Reward token; as said above, you get a reward token for collecting waste plastic and depositing them. It is based on Ethereum (ERC-20), get it as a reward for recycling the plastic and help Mother Nature directly. Want to know how to earn ERW, then keep reading the post. 

Who is the Founder of Erw Coin?

The founder and CEO of the Zeloop app from where you can earn ERW coin as a reward are Eric Schaffner; UAE Company Smartblock Beverages FZ LLC hosts it.

Erw Token Supply / Market Supply

We have researched and taken all the details from the internet and sources:

  • Market Rank: No Data
  • Contract Address: 0xd8c55740f4fa5023966ddc759f84aec07e06b1d1
  • Holders: 9,210 addresses
  • Transfers: 100,344
  • Max supply: 80,000,000,000 ERW

How to Earn Eco Reward Token?

People in India are liking the concept and wondering how to win the reward token, all you have to do is:

  • Gather plastic bottles as many as possible.
  • Deposit them at the nearest Zeloop collecting center.
  • Click a photo and upload it on Zeloop.
  • And win exciting Erw Token, into your digital wallet which can be exchanged for your favorite goods and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. In which countries will Zeloop operate?

A1. It operates worldwide and is available on iOS and Android app stores.

Q2. How many coins have been minted to the Zeloop ecosystem?

A2.  A total of 80 billion tokens have been minted. You can get more details here

The Bottom Line

We think the idea behind the Zeloop is great, which positively impacts the Crypto lover, be active on the app, do daily activities, invite your friends and family to join the firm, and earn more Erw Token. Zeloop will be available on Android and iOS app stores globally.

Do you find the concept behind Zeloop great? Do let us know in the comment box. Also, learn about the next big Crypto details here

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