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Read Epx Crypto reviews to know its price prediction, operations, and features to decide on investment options.

Did you know that EPX increases its liquidity pool by encouraging investors to deposit in the Ellipsis pool? EPX stakeholders can lock EPX to get voting rights. The investors in the pool are awarded additional EPX and airdrops.

Ellipsis interface with hundreds of exchanges makes it convenient for more than 80 million users to initiate cross-platform token swapping and procuring tokens from different base pools Worldwide. Let’s scrutinize Epx Crypto.

What is Ellipsis-X?

EPX is a native token of Ellipsis, also termed Ellipsis-X. Ellipsis-X is a Decentralized finance token that can be treated in 20+ fiat currencies.

Ellipsis is a stable coin-swapping platform. It acts as an Automated Market Maker that allows users to exchange tokens from 250+ stablecoins and cryptocurrencies at a low slippage and fee.

How does Ellipsis-X works?

  • Ellipsis meta pool allows users to pull tokens from various base pools,
  • Ellipsis factory pool is a permission less pool allowing anyone to trade,
  • Ellipsis base pool consists of paired assets similar to any other DiFi protocol,
  • EPX promises a higher rate of returns.

Epx Crypto Price Prediction:

Jul-22 $0.000771270270242
Aug-22 $0.000709499542582
Sep-22 $0.000672765674494
Oct-22 $0.000717709417893
Nov-22 $0.000746223312481
Dec-22 $0.000761008122888
Jan-23 $0.000765184228814
Feb-23 $0.000758561965649
Mar-23 $0.000742558019820
Apr-23 $0.000711312596514
May-23 $0.000661994891476
Jun-23 $0.000721488322543
Jul-23 $0.000781563946615
Aug-23 $0.000839876745887
Sep-23 $0.000894115994188
Oct-23 $0.000942867157443
Nov-23 $0.000989739575472
Dec-23 $0.001031913907157
Jan-24 $0.001072600673193
Feb-24 $0.001110658312361
Mar-24 $0.001144129905131
May-24 $0.001208663965593
Jun-24 $0.001238846998672
Jul-24 $0.001266578975709
Aug-24 $0.001293849656567
Sep-24 $0.001319837456781
Oct-24 $0.001343870639341
Nov-24 $0.001367678552297
Dec-24 $0.001389744746799
Jan-25 $0.001411648493504
Feb-25 $0.001432707980389
Mar-25 $0.001451055420476
Apr-25 $0.001470647901057
May-25 $0.001488984956729
Jun-25 $0.001507306612946
Jul-25 $0.001524469357499
Aug-25 $0.001541653964243
Sep-25 $0.001558313193739
Oct-25 $0.001573964269680
Nov-25 $0.001589699290545
Dec-25 $0.001604486737787
Jan-26 $0.001619357414649
Feb-26 $0.001633833742315
Mar-26 $0.001646587336931
Apr-26 $0.001660350410238
May-26 $0.001673364935248
Jun-26 $0.001686495845616
Jul-26 $0.001698910288564
Aug-26 $0.001711449819933
Sep-26 $0.001723709097240
Oct-26 $0.001735317829156
Nov-26 $0.001747076912779
Dec-26 $0.001758207357709

Epx Crypto Founders:

Ellipsis was launched in March 2021. Ajay Chakravarthy is the founder and CEO of EPX. Ajay has more than 14 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business developer.

Ellipsis-X Price stats:

In USD—$0.0008482, ↑26.82%.

  • In BTC—0.0000000364, ↑28.69%.
  • In ETH—0.0000005033, ↑27.43%.
  • Ellipsis ROI—No Data.

Ellipsis Price Yesterday:

Yesterday’s Low/High—$0.0006135/$0.0007674.

  • Yesterday’s Open/Close—$0.0006161/$0.0007218.
  • Yesterday’s Change—17.16%.
  • Yesterday’s Volume—$28,325,989.76.

Ellipsis Price History:

Price Change 24h—$0.0001738, ↑25.93%.

  • 24h Low/24h High—$0.0006575/$0.001025.
  • Trading Volume 24h—$58,807,458.25, ↑477.72%.
  • 7d Low/7d High—$0.0005213/$0.001025.
  • 30d Low/30d High—$0.0005082/$0.001025.
  • 90d Low/90d High—$0.0004593/$0.003523.
  • 52 Week Low/52 Week High—$0.0004593/$0.003523.
  • All-Time High—On 23rd May 2022, 2 months ago, @$0.003523, ↓75.10%. Hence, carefully refer Epx Crypto Price Prediction given above.
  • All Time Low—On 18th June 2022, a month ago, @$0.0004593, ↑91.00%.

Ellipsis Market:

Market Cap—No Data.

  • Fully Diluted Market Cap—$115,785,220.39, ↑31.44%.
  • Volume—No Data.
  • Market Dominance—No Data.
  • Market Rank#2760.

Ellipsis Supply:

Circulating Supply—No Data.

  • Total Supply—No Data.
  • Max Supply—132,000,000,000 EPX.


  • Ans. The address to buy Ellipsis-X is 0xaf41054c1487b0e5e2b9250c0332ecbce6ce9d71.
  • On which exchanges is Ellipsis-X listed?
  • Ans. Ellipsis-X is listed on CoinTiger, Binance, BingX, Bitrue, and MEXC.
  • What walle
  • What is the contract address to buy Ellipsis-X?
  • ts support Ellipsis-X?
  • Ans. Apex and few other wallet supports EPX.
  • How to buy Epx Crypto?

Create a Binance account. Existing users can directly sign in,

  • Buy BNB as your base currency via credit/debit card, BT, P2P, Etc.,
  • Transfer BNB to crypto wallet,
  • Choose a DEX and link your wallet,
  • Search for Ellipsis and swap BNB.


Ellipsis emerged as the most prominent exchange on Binance, with more than $630 million in its pool. Hence EPX sales and purchase transactions have increased in recent days. Recently Ellipsis(EPS) migrated to Ellipsis-X(EPX). As a result, old EPS users started receiving 88 EPX for each ESP. EPX price predictions suggest average RoI for small investors in the long run. Hence, Check The Best Crypto For Investment In 2022.

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