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Elon Musk Buys Earnx Coin (Aug) What’s The News About?

Elon Musk Buys Earnx Coin (Aug) What’s The News About? >> The guide shares details about the news of buying the crypto for the son of the Tesla owner.  

Tesla owner Elon Musk is globally acclaimed for his innovations and investment in Cryptocurrency. Moreover, his company is professionally engaged in the Crypto investment with over $1.5B Tesla BTC purchases. Now, the Tesla CEO is making news after purchasing Dogecoin for his newborn, X Æ A-Xii.

It shows that Elon Musk is also personally focused on Cryptocurrency. He recently disclosed that he had bought his favorite Crypto, Dogecoin, for his newborn boy. As a result, the price of Dogecoin instantly hiked. 

Investors in Russia and the United States are eager to know whether Elon Musk Buys Earnx Coin or settled with Dogecoin only.     

What is the News All About?

In a Twitter announcement by Tesla owner, it has been confirmed that Elon Musk wants his newborn to be the toddler holder of Cryptocurrency. Hence, he decided to buy one of his favorite Cryptocurrency, Dogecoin. 

Soon, after the announcement tweet got viral, all worldwide investors started re-tweeting the post, and the sale of the coin shoot-up immediately. The tweet has also surged the price of the coin with just a single post. 

Now investors are also eager to know whether Tesla Buys Earnx Coin and other currencies so that they can make profitable investments. However, it is not clear whether Tesla has bought EarnX coin or not as there is no information available regarding this news. 

What Else has Elon Musk Posted?

Along with the tweet, Elon Musk has also shared a short video of his newborn X playing at home. 

The tweet says, “Bought Som Dogecoin for Lil X to make the newborn a toddle hodler.” He also posted a short video of his cute son playing in the house along with the tweet.     

Is the News Elon Musk Buys Earnx Coin True?

After evaluating major channels and the Tesla official website, we have not confirmed that the Tesla owner has also bought Earnx coin. However, it is the only searchable term that die-hard fans are using to search about the news. After evaluation, it is found that Elon Musk has bought some Dogecoin for his newborn boy X. 

It is clarified via a Tweeter announcement that the Tesla owner has bought some Doge for his toddler. So, the news Elon Musk Buys Earnx Coin seems to be fake. 

Which Platform did He use to Buy Dogecoin for his Son?

The official press release page confirmed that Elon Musk signed up for Freewallet App before the purchase. It is the Cryptocurrency wallet app for web and mobile platforms. But, the account was locked, and he took social media to inform the officials. 

The officials unlocked his account, and it was proof that he is up to buying some Cryptocurrency, and it is likely to be Dogecoin. But, it was clear later that he bought the coin to gift his newborn. So, Tesla Buys Earnx Coin news appears to be false as the Tesla owner has bought Dogecoin for his newborn baby and not other Crypto coins.   


Dogecoin price registered a major surge recently, especially after the Tesla owner purchased a gift for his son. It is February when he purchased some Dogecoin for his son to make him the toddler hodler. 

It has been confirmed as a Twitter announcement by Elon Musk. Soon after the purchase, the price hiked, and many holders made a good profit by selling them. Now, some investors are searching if Elon Musk Buys Earnx Coin to make some purchases for future profits. If you are confused, then ensure checking the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021.

Do you hold Doge? How much profit did you make after the purchase? Would you mind sharing it in the comments box?

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