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{Full Watch} Eliso Kiladze Fight Video Leaked On Twitter: Is It On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Telegram

We bring you consolidated highlights of the Original Eliso Kiladze Fight Video Leaked on Twitter, Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, and Telegram.

Did you know that famous Worldwide boxer Eliso Kiladze is referred to as Iago Kiladze (or) Яго Кіладзе? He played for Georgia until 2006 and became Ukrainian in 2007. Kiladze is title holder of World Boxing Association Inter-Continental cruiserweight. Let’s check about the Original Eliso Kiladze Fight Video Leaked on Twitter.

Eliso Kiladze Fight Video Leaked on Twitter:

Efe Ajagba, 29-years-old, is Nigerian boxer who holds record for fastest victory in boxing history. He is bronze medalist at 2014 Commonwealth Games and gold medalist at 2015 African Games. Eliso Kiladze Fight Original Video of 37-year-old Cruiserweight and Heavyweight boxer. Kiladze had total of 34 fights, with 27 wins, 6 losses, and 1 draw. At same time, Efe has total of 19 fights, with 18 wins and 1 loss! Their fight video was not found on Twitter.

Decoding Eliso Kiladze Fight Original Video:

The videos with taglines – Ajagba, Efe KO5 Iago Kiladze, and Efe Ajagba Goes Down Stops Eliso Kiladze Fight Video started featuring online on 9th/October/2023. Video was related to boxing match between Efe and Kiladze held on 21st/December/2019 at Toyota Arena, Ontario, California, USA.

Availability of video on Youtube:

In taglines Ajagba, Efe refers to Nigerian boxer, KO5 indicates that Ajagba won fight by knocking out Kiladze in fifth round, and Iago Kiladze is full name of Ukrainian boxer. Their boxing video is available on Youtube. Kiladze is older than Efe and holds more professional boxing experience. Everyone expected Kiladze to win. But Kiladze lost match to Efe with record of 26–5–1, round time 5 (10) 2:09.

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Highlights on Tiktok:

Round 1: The fight started with both fighters testing each other out. Efe blew really strong punch that shook arena. Kiladze stayed defensive, calm, and fought back. Match was not featured on Tiktok. But, It was clear from beginning that it is tough fight, and Efe is in an attacking mood.

Round 2: Both fighters kept punching each other without stopping. Kiladze landed few good punches, but Efe delivered stronger punches that were discussed on few Reddit blogs as they shook Kiladze. Efe performed better in 2nd round.

Round 3: Kiladze was in trouble and struggling to counter Efe’s non-stop attacks. However, Kiladze surprised everyone by hitting really fast punch that knocked Efe down, as discussed on Reddit blogs. It suggested that Kiladze is tough and can counter Efe’s attacking strategy.

Round 4: Both fighters entered fourth round with an aim to win as there was tie in their performance. No related post about match was found on Instagram. Both boxers kept punching each other, and Efe was more accurate and tried overpowering Kiladze. Kiladze gave his best performance, but Efe was very skillful and kept himself ahead on scorecards.

The climax of fight on Telegram:

Round 5: Efe once again overpowered Kiladze. Massive right hand from Efe dropped Kiladze to ground, leaving no doubt that Efe was fighting to win. Sensing an opportunity to win fight, Efe energetically pursued Kiladze and punched him at higher speed and rate. No Telegram posts were found for Efe and Kiladze’s fight.

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Kiladze’s corner decided to intervene and end contest to protect Kiladze from further damage. From beginning of match, Efe was keen on his attacking strategy and overpowered Kiladze. Instagram did not have any posts related to Efe and Kiladze’s fight. Kiladze had to adopt defensive strategy and failed to score by not delivering effective punches to Efe.

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