Latest News Elestrals Scam

Elestrals Scam: Is The Card Game! Can Be Purchased Through Kickstarter? Find The Unknown Facts!

To find out if Elestrals Scam or a legit website and to know the complete details of the online platform, read this blog now.

Want to check the authenticity of a gaming website? Are you interested to know the details of a much-trending online gaming platform? Have you heard scam rumors about gaming platforms? At the beginning of this year, Dan and the team launched a new online gaming platform known as 

Thus, keen players, especially from the United States, are curious to see the reliability of this online platform. Therefore, this website will provide the complete details on is Elestrals Scam or a legit website.


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Is the Elestrals website genuine?

  • The domain registration date for this website is 13/02/2022, which is a little old.
  • The domain date will expire on 13/02/2025, which is more than after a year.
  • The online website has received only a 21% trust score on a reliable platform.
  • The website consists of broken links which lead to blank pages.
  • The other policies, such as privacy policy and terms & conditions, are available on the website.

Thus, the question of is Elestrals Card Game scam or a legit website gets clear from the above legitimacy points. The website no doubt looks quite suspicious. The social media links for the website are available below.

What is Elestrals? 

The Dan “aDrive” Clap is involved in creating the Elestrals gaming platform. The Elestrals is a card game that launched this year. Dan also designed other TCGs, such as Pokémon and many more, along with his team.


Latest News Elestrals Scam

Within this game of Elestrals, the leading resource is the Spirit cards; these cards are the game’sgame’s health and fuel. Also, people are curious to know Is Elestrals Scamor a legit website, as many claim its sponsors are scams.

Social media users’ responses

Recently Elestrals on, from its official Twitter account, posted and asked about the user’s experience with the gaming platform through its post. 

One of the users stated it is a great and easy card game platform, and the team behind the platform is beneficial.

Another user stated in the comment that he loves one of the features of the card game.

Thus, the Twitter responses are still pretty positive. Some sources claim the sponsors behind the Elestrals platform are a scam.

Check details on Elestrals Kickstarter

Elestrals is a card game that consists of mythology, monsters, and magic within the game. It consists of a 20 pack of spirits deck, which is essential for attacking the opponents. 

Now, interested buyers can purchase from the Kickstarter website. One can grab them quickly before the stock is empty.

Social Media- Links

The Conclusion

The players love the Elestrals card gaming platform, and the users must conduct their research before availing of such online platforms. Watch the video now to learn how to play the Elestrals game.

Elestrals ScamFAQs

Q1. What is the URL link For the Elestral website?

The URLs links to access the website is

Q2. What is Elestrals?

Ans. It’sIt’s an online card game based on mythological, magical, and monster themes.

 Q3. What is Elestrals kickstarter?

Ans. Now the players can purchase it on Kickstarter.

Q4.What is the link to the cards from Kickstarter?

Ans. The link to purchase the card is

Q5. Are Electrals available on Twitter?

Ans. Yes, the official Twitter link is

Q6. How many spirit cards does the pack consists of in total?

Ans. Total 20 spirit cards.

Q7. What are the spirit cards used?

Ans. The spirit cards are for attacking opponents.

Is Elextrals available on Instagram?

Yes, the gaming platform has its Instagram account as well.

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