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Ekart Inu Token Price Prediction {Aug} Price, How To Buy

Read this article on Ekart Inu Token Price Prediction that analyse the statistical data for one of the crypto token for deep understanding.

In the present generation, the Crypto world has always been a fascinating platform for generating income. But are you new to the crypto world? Do you want to invest in a coin that will provide you extra benefits? If your answer is affirmative, you will have a wonderful time reading the article.

The Crypto world and its fascinating currency have always remained at the forefront in generating astonishing income Worldwide. Let’s have a deep understanding and analysis of Ekart Inu Token Price Prediction.

What is Ekart Inu Token Price?

Ekart Inu is an online shopping platform where you buy products using Ekart Inu Tokens and other cryptocurrencies. It is the first e-commerce platform that provides a decentralized financial system.

The e-commerce platform is available to everyone Worldwide, and the only requirement is the currency and the web. Ekart Inu Tokens and other cryptocurrencies can be used as an alternative way of buying products from this e-commerce platform. The platform charge 5% of the transaction fee.

Let’s Read more to know about Ekart Inu Contract Address

Description of the Founder.

The information concerning the founder of this e-commerce platform is missing. The details of the creator of Ekart Inu and its tokens have not been updated yet on any online media. The official website does not contain any information concerning the team responsible for this e-commerce platform.

Details of the Price of Ekart Inu Token.

The current price of the token is showing as $0.00 @ 0.000000 MATIC. It does not contain any further details on the price value.

Let’s analyze the details of its market supply to get an insight into Ekart Inu Token Price Prediction.

Ekart Inu Market Supply- An analysis

  • Market Symbol- This token’s market symbol is EKARTINU 
  • Market Rank- No information available concerning Market rank.
  • Total Supplies- The maximum supply is 1,000,000,000,000,000 EKARTINU.
  • Total Holders- Total holders till the current day is 381,650 addresses
  • Total Transfers- Total transfers till the present day is 383,090

Social Profiles- The social profiles of Ekart Inu tokens are not available. The only profile it has is its official website, which is the first online platform for buying products using the tokens as an alternative.  

Diluted Market Cap- Token’s diluted Market Cap is not available.

Ekart Inu Contract Address- 0xd2e1cd904d1903c3746fa4bdf02e3dcd01c4548c

Steps to follow for buying the Ekart Inu Tokens?

  • Ekart Inu offers one quadrillion total supply. 
  • Out of this one quadrillion, 80% will have remained as burned tokens.
  • From the remaining, 20% will be assigned to airdrops, and 2% will be assigned to social media contests.
  • The remaining 6% will be directed to the account of invoice bonuses.
  • Shopping worth of 5000 from Ekart will make a person eligible to get 5000 invoices that can be redeemed on the following or subsequent purchase.
  • Before buying from this e-platform, every individual needs to have an account. Every individual needs to sign up with the login credentials to buy from this platform to know Ekart Inu Token Price Prediction.
  • Each account holder will have one account for invoices.


Q.1. Where can we get detailed information on this token?

A.1 All information is available on the official website https://www.ekartinu.com/

Q.2. What is the contract address?

A.2. The contract address is 0xd2e1cd904d1903c3746fa4bdf02e3dcd01c4548c

Q.3. What is the maximum number of holders?

A.3. The maximum number of holders is 381,650 addresses. Get an insight into the best crypto Token here


To give a final verdict of Ekart Inu Token Price Prediction, we have provided an in-depth analysis of the token that will surely benefit you to have a clear understanding of the price predictions. However, it is suggested to buy the token after having the proper analysis of the price as the passive income from the crypto world is emerging and it’s a recent trade.

If you are still in doubt, click here to know more about the price of the token. 

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