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Ekart Inu Coin Buy (Aug) Price, Chart & Contract Address

Ekart Inu Coin Buy (Aug) Price, Chart & Contract Address >> New to Crypto world? Don’t know which coin to start with? Then read the post below.

Are you looking out for the best source of passive income? How about earning money without much effort? Yes, it is possible with innovative platform Cryptocurrency which trending globally, including the places like India.

We will walk you through all the details of one prominent token and the detailed Ekart Inu Coin Buy procedure in today’s content. So, without any further delay, let us dig deep into the actual topic.

About Ekart Inu Coin

Ekart Inu Crypto is the most trusted ecommerce platform traded widely with ticker symbol EKARTINU which changed the complete meaning of digital shopping. Ekart platforms allow people to buy items they want with electronic money Ekart Inu. So it doesn’t matter where you live and who you are, the only thing you need is the web isn’t a unique and fantastic idea?

During the first 48 hours of its presale, the coin managed to close more than 60000 accounts. As per its official site, currently it has reached 167000 account holders. Investors in India are curious to know the Ekart Inu Coin Buy method; keep reading the post for more details.

Founder of Ekart Inu Coin

The creator’s name of the Ekart Inu coin is still hidden; details are not available on its official website nor on the general internet; if any updates are known, we will update here.

Ekart Inu Coin Price Today

The current price of Ekart Inu is $0.00 @ 0.000000 MATIC; no much information is available.

Ekart Inu Coin Supply / Market Supply

  • Market Rank: No Data
  • Max supply: Not Available
  • Contract Address: 0xd2e1cd904d1903c3746fa4bdf02e3dcd01c4548c
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 EKARTINU
  • Holders: 176,193 addresses
  • Transfers: 176,697
  • Circulating Supply: Not Available.

Ekart Inu Coin Buy Procedure

Follow easy and simple steps to purchase Ekart Inu Coin:

  • If you are a new user, go to Ekart Inu’s official website and create a new account.
  • Sign up by providing the required details and login.
  • Allow two fact authentications for double safety.
  • Now you are in your account dashboard, tap on dropdowns and select the coin like BTC and ETH to deposit.
  • You can use a calculator to calculate your coin worth.
  • Remember you buy not less than 10 dollars and not more than 10 dollars.
  • Hit on the Buy Token button, wait for few minutes, and you can see your amount arriving to your account automatically.

Is Ekart Inu Coin Buy steps mentioned here helpful? Now let us see why this coin is trending in the market.

Why is this Coin been in the News Recently?

It currently holds many accounts keeping this success in mind Ekart Inu recently announced great news to their beloved holders that Ekart INU has transferred 200 million worth tokens, i.e., 2%, to the Covid Relief Fund Vitalik Buterin’s. 

This strategic move may become a huge benefit to its holders; for this reason, the coin is the talk of the town recently.


Q1. What is the official website of Ekart Inu Token?

A1. https://www.ekartinu.com/.

Q2. What is the transaction fee for trading Ekart Inu?

A2. While exploring Ekart Inu Coin Buy we found; Ekart Inu charges 5% tax for each transaction, out of which 2% goes to liquidity, 2% to reward holders, and 1% to Covid relief fund. You may visit here for more details

The Final Verdict

The general Crypto analysis guide provides you all the token details and makes your coin purchase easy and hassle-free. We suggest you analyze things from your end once and then trade the coin if you are a new investor begins with a small amount. Also, here are the things you need to know before investing in any coin.

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