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Are you interested in knowing about gaming tips and tricks? Are you a gamer utilizing various operating systems to play the best games? Do you need free stands, coins, and diamonds in the games? Are you looking to import modified (MOD) games and applications? Do you play games on Roblox? is a popular website accessed by gamers from ChilePeruColombiaArgentina, and Mexico. So, let’s check the features of Ekalefire .com.


About is a new website hosting videos and articles about gaming tutorials, modified applications and games, details about installing games on various platforms, tips and tricks to credit more coins, diamonds, and stands in the games. Ekalefire is only available online via the web browser. There is no stand-alone application of Ekalefire. Ekalefire includes:

  • Seven mobile applications,
  • Seven write-ups on the latest mobile apps and gaming technologies,
  • Six Tutorial videos, and
  • Eighteen mobile gaming applications.

Its YouTube channel @EkaleMartinez included gameplay videos for reference. More than 41K viewers subscribe to its YouTube channel, and there are more than 16K followers on Instagram. Ekalefire Roblox provides information and application related to Roblox.

The features of did not mention its mission statement. The website excluded information about terms of usage, cookies and privacy policy, FAQs, customer support contact information, physical address, Etc. The identity and contact information of Ekalefire’s owners are hidden using LLC’s paid services.

However, the links to Instagram and YouTube channels indicated that Ekale Martinez from Domnic republic is taking care of the website. The YouTube and Instagram channels also provided links for donations to Ekale Martinez via PayPal.

Ekalefire’s pages are on YouTube and Instagram (links below). The Ekalefire 2023 website is published in Spanish. Ekalefire does not sell any products (or) services. Instead, it provides links to import modified applications and games from The application and games are available in 7Z compressed format and can be imported as a single file. Importing games and applications are given public access without any restriction (or) charges.

The legitimacy of was registered and updated on 4th-February-2023 in Chicago, IL, USA. Ekalefire has a short life expectancy as its registration will expire on 4th-February-2024. is a high-risk website for users’ PII, personal, and payment data, scoring 31% on suspicion and 57% on phishing profiles. Ekalefire Online gained a spamming score of 39%, which results in receiving unwanted email (or) text messages. Further, Ekalefire scored 81% on malware and threat profiles suggesting that it is not safe to be accessed on users’ devices and the files imported from the platform may contain harmful malware, mini-ads, (or) mini-apps. gained a terrible 17% trust index, a zero Alexa rank, a poor visitor count, and an awful 1/100 domain authority score. Though Ekalefire is not blacklisted, it uses a less secured HTTP protocol. Additionally, its SSL certification for IP expired 144 days ago. Ekalefire .com gained a terrible 1.9% business ranking.

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Ekalefire scored poorly on all grounds, including trust, business, DA, Alexa, suspicion, phishing, malware, spamming, and threat profiles. Further, the website is unreliable without a valid SSL certification. Though Ekalefire provided links to import apps and games, they may contain malware, as evidenced by its threat and malware scores. Ekalefire seems a scam website hosting modified apps and games.

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Ekalefire .com – FAQ

1Q. Who is the registrar of Ekalefire .com?

Ekalefire is registered with LLC.

2Q. Who is the ISP for Ekalefire?

Team Internet AG, DE.

3Q. Ekalefire uses how many servers?

Ekalefire uses two servers with serial chain numbers 090ee8c5de5bfa62d2ae2ff7097c4857 and 033af1e6a711a9a0bb2864b11d09fae5 targeting and

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