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Ebanie Bridges Reddit: Check What Ebanie Say To Her Onlyfans fans, Find Boxrec Stated Comments, Also Check Her Latest Instagram, Twitter, Video Comments, With Age Details!

Read exclusive details unavailable about the events that resulted in discussion on Ebanie Bridges Reddit posts that went viral in the second week of December.

Are you aware that Ebanie’s video went viral as she was insulted by Shannon O’Connell on her face and in front of hundreds of viewers on 9th December 2022? Why did Shannon insult her? 

How do her fans from the United KingdomAustralia, and the United States react to the insulting video? What was her request on Twitter? Let’s find out about a series of events on Ebanie Bridges Reddit.


What happened at the IBF bantamweight world title?

Ebanie appeared on the stage to bid for the IBF bantamweight world title on 9th December 2022. She already holds the bantamweight title since March 2022. She was also a gold medalist in the 2016 and 2017 women’s bantamweight. She has a muscular physique with high fitness levels, making her fight at high speed as per Boxrec.

Shannon had also made a bid for the IBF bantamweight world title. She was wearing a sports clothes. At the same time, Ebanie appeared on the stage to measure her weight. Ebanie took off her tracksuit, appeared in see-through inner clothes, and posed before an audience. After measuring her weight, which was 117.75 lbs (Age – 39 years), she went to meet Shannon.


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Shannon (117.35 lbs) insulted Ebanie, stating some bad words. It became a topic of discussion on Reddit, with the video of the IBF bantamweight event going viral. In the past, Shannon also posted negative and insulting commented on Ebanie jogging vlog on Twitter.

What was the reaction of Ebanie’s fans?

Firstly, some of her fans did not appreciate her wearing non-sports attire on the stage. At the same time, many of her fans were left jaw-dropped and appreciated her competitive sprite that made Shannon jealous and verbally out of control. 

Secondly, Ebanie requested her fans on Twitter and Instagram to join @ebaniebridges pages on OnlyFans. She informed that it is her personal social media page. Her fans reacted and commented that she would post sensational pictures on the OnlyFans pages.

Ebanie is famous as ‘Blonde Bomber’ as her coach’s name is Arnel “Bomber” Barotillo, due to her hair colour and muscular chest. Ebanie earns $6K+/month, most of which is derived from her sensational photoshoots for sponsors.

Social media accounts:









On her OnlyFan pages, she included a ‘Launch Day Sale!’ post tagging it ‘Lingerie photoshoots, training footage and all the stuff we’re not allowed to talk about.’ It was offered for $29.99/month. Further, Ebanie makes $4K+ with her sensational photoshoots. She received $900 for selling her used socks! So, social media is used as a promotional platform; for Ebanie, it’s all about money.

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Ebanie Bridges RedditFAQ

1Q. Where is the boxing match between Shannon and Ebanie scheduled?

Shannon and Ebanie will fight for the title on Sunday morning ADT, 11th December 2022, and it is anticipated that they will have a furious war.

2Q. How did Ebanie react to Shannon’s comments?

On the stage, Ebanie just laughed. But, on her Twitter posts, she commented on her pictures and Video with Shannon that boxing doesn’t need this type of character. I can’t stop laughing.

3Q. Why is the news and video of Ebanie going viral?

Ebanie took off her tracksuit on the stage. She was seen in see-through inner clothes, which left the viewers open-jawed. Hence, her videos went viral, and discussion surrounded her stunning appearance. 

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