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Draco Mir4 Valor {Jan 2022} Price, Chart, Prediction!

Explore the details of Draco mir4 Valor and know about an exciting gaming platform that allows you to mine during the play.

Are you fond of playing role-playing games? Do you love to know about the platform that brings an exciting game with a utility token? Then have your focus on today’s article that introduces you to the Draco coin. 

The cryptocurrency, when combined with NFT games, brings an upraise in the digital world of Brazil. People are eagerly waiting to know the platform details as the new challenges will offer them profits in the future. 

Let’s explore Draco mir4 Valor and try to capture its token price, market supply, and other details.

What is mir4?

It is a blockchain-based multiplayer online game that allows users to access the utility token with ease. Being launched a few days back, it allows the players to collect Draco tokens. You might think how this currency will be helpful in the game? Well, you can exchange them with Darksteel. 

Darksteel is one of the most crucial resources of the game that can give you goods and services. Moreover, you can also exchange the token for NFTs and perform trading on the NFT market. 

Draco mir4 Valor is introduced as the first currency for being successful in commercial online games. You can exchange, sell and store the assets and use them even outside the game.

Who is the founder of Draco coin?

Lee Gibson Grant has founded the Draco token. However, on evaluating the official website, we could not find the details of other core team members who have contributed to offer a valuable token whose price is guaranteed through the resources in the game.

Draco mir4 Valor Price Chart

  • Price of the token – $0.0002832
  • Total supply – 88,888,888 DRACO
  • Volume – 6165 DRACO
  • All-time high – $5.69
  • Rank – 2658
  • Market cap – $46,634
  • Circulating supply – 88,888,888 DRACO
  • Holders -3 addresses
  • Transfers – 4

Live Price of the token

The MIR4 has given a blockbuster entry in the crypto world by launching in more than 100 countries with twelve different languages. The global release of the game and its token, Draco, has grabbed everyone’s attention.

The current price of the coin is $0.0002832. Draco mir4 Valor does not have the data of trading value at present. When the token went live, it experiences 200% jumps in the first 24 hours. Yesterday, the token’s price was down to $2. 

Price Prediction of the Draco

To decide whether investors should spend their money purchasing Draco tokens or not, it is crucial to know the price prediction. 

According to the crypto forecasting system, the DT token is a bad long-term investment. The price of the coin is being updated every three minutes, and it has been noticed that the price of the Draco mir4 Valor token can be easily manipulated due to low market cap value.

How to buy the Draco?

The users of MIR4 can melt in-game resource, Darksteel to get the Draco. Each token can be put in the wallet by the unique process named Foundry, in which a total number of Dark steels are converted to Draco. The value of the conversion depends on the Derby of the day. 

Before accessing the Draco token, you must follow the Twitter account of the Draco to get recent updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the contract address of the Draco?


  • What is the daily casting limit?

1,000,000 coins


By sharing Draco mir4 Valor details, we tried to make you aware with a utility coin. The platforms allow the users to mine and complete tasks with ease. Before purchasing the token, don’t forget to check the Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2021 For Long Term.

What are your views about this online game? Comment and share with us.

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