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Domoftheyear Video Leaked: Details On Video Of Dom of the Year Barstool, People Reaction

Our research on the Domoftheyear Video Leaked will help you to understand the argument between Dave and Dom. Kindly know the full incident here.

Did you watch the reaction of people on the viral video of the Boston rapper, Dom? Why has he been called Dom Of The Year? The Domoftheyear Video Leaked in the United States and people are enjoying this video a lot. But, if you do not know about the content of the video and why Dave Portnoy and Dom had been in a heated argument, then you should read about it here. 

Video of Dom Of The Year Leaked! 

Social media has been a great source of entertainment. People are more connected to their favorite influencers, sportspersons, actors, etc. through their social media accounts. This time, the two famous personalities, Dave Portnoy and the rapper of Boston, Dom Of The Year have been trending. It is because the Dom of the Year Video on TikTok showed that the rapper was involved in a quarrel with Dave Portnoy who reviewed the pizza on a scale of 0 to 10 from different locations. 

Dave was reviewing the pizza of Dragon Pizza, and he got involved in an argument with the owner of the Dragon Pizza on the sidewalk. Moreover, during this argument, another passerby joined the argument and he was none other than Dom. He called himself Dom of the Year because he said that he becomes better every year. People found him interesting due to his savage replies and the video of this argument went viral on social media.

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Dom of the Year Barstool

As per online sources, the owner of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, and Dom, the Boston rapper were involved in a heated argument while Dave was reviewing the worst pizza. Initially, the argument was going on between the owner of Dragon Pizza and Dave Portnoy, but later Dom joined both of them. As Dave and the owner of Dragon Pizza were involved in the argument, Dom was only the passerby there and he jumped into the conversation between the two. The video of this argument was shot and uploaded on TikTok and this is how the video went viral and people were attracted by the Domoftheyear Video Leaked on TikTok. People reacted to the viral video and some people found this video hilarious. 

DISCLAIMER: We do not intend to comment on the argument between Dave and Dom. We intend to provide the details only for informative purposes as the readers have been asking for the information online. So, kindly consider this article for general purposes. 

The Reactions Of The People!

As per online sources, when the video went viral on TikTok, the users found this video hilarious and shared their reactions in the comment section. A user wrote in the Domoftheyear Video Leaked that he needs more such Doms of the Year as he is rocking the whole conversation. The one-liners of Dom made him more popular among the fans. You will also find this video funny.

This video might be available on other social media channels except for TikTok. You can find and search for the video on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc.


Summarising this article here, our team provided the details on the leaked video of the argument between Dom Of The Year and Dave Portnoy. We hope that these details are helpful to know why there was a quarrel between the two. 

Were the details shared on the Domoftheyear Video Leaked helpful for you? Please give your reaction to the video here. 

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