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Dominospizzacaching com: What is This Website All About? Check Crucial Data Now!

Check out the complete reality of Dominospizzacaching com and get complete details of how to get free Pizza from this event.

Have you seen the advertisement of Domino’s Pizza caching offering free Pizza? People from Spain are excited to see the mind-freezing deal at the Domino’s Pizza store. 

Netizens couldn’t believe Dominos offered a free deal for Spanish people to grab free meals at their outlets. Therefore, let’s check out the reality of Dominospizzacaching com and the process of eating free Pizza. 

The reality of the website

The primary query rising on social media is about the reality of the website. People were shocked to see the massive deal but couldn’t believe the procedure of fetching the free Pizza. While researching online, the information came to the public that the official TikTok handle of Domino’s Pizza Espana contains all the information regarding its legitimacy.

However, the official website is very new, and it’s been almost 10 days since the owner developed this platform. However, you can see on the official Spanish TikTok handle that it provides the link to this website. Therefore, it is pretty much confirmed that this deal can be legit. 

How to get Free Pizza from

All the necessary steps to grab the free deal at Domino’s Pizza are available on the official website. According to the Domino’s Pizza Caching offer, you don’t have to look at the nearest store open on their map, which is not seen or visited by any other user.

Once you find the Dominos outlet that any user does not select, you can take a screenshot of the location, post it on Instagram, and tag the website. Finally, you can visit the store where you locate the map with the help of 40 minutes and show the post to get your free Pizza. 

What is Dominospizzacaching com event?

Dominos Free Pizza caching event is celebrated on World Geocaching Day to encourage Domino’s enthusiastic customers. Popular pizza brands know how to grab the attention of their customers and how to add an exciting factor in their proposal as well as Pizza. 

On August 17, 2023, many Dominos users opened the portal of and started hunting the treasure using GPS and coordinates to visit the outlets. This offer is available in Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Castellon, and Salamanca. The Pizza Caching event excited pizza lovers and adventurous people who wanted to spend lots of time enjoying mysterious activities and playing sports.

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Is Dominospizzacaching com legit website?

People are confused by the portal’s functioning as it is a new website, and there is no connection with the official Dominos handle. However, everyone wants to know whether the website is legit or not. is indeed a new platform, but the redirect link connects to Domino’s 

With the confirmation of the factor, People can quickly identify the website’s legitimacy if you were afraid of this event getting scammed! Don’t worry, it’s legit, and people are enjoying this event in Spain. Hurry! Find your nearest outlet.

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Final Verdict 

Domino’s Pizza caching event raises the hype among adventurous pizza lovers. People were confused by the reality of the event, but after watching the promotional advertisement from the official website, everyone started believing it. 

Therefore, if you are living in Spain, getting a free Domino’s Pizza could be an excellent opportunity. Which is your favorite Domino’s Pizza? Comment below.

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